Tuna pasta recipe with tomatoes and basil – Tuna noodles easy and quick to prepare

Tuna noodles PPenne served in a plate.
Arrange the tuna pasta in a colorful way.

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Today I show you my recipe tuna pasta with tomatoes and basil. This is a fast pasta dish, the preparation time is about 35 minutes. The tuna noodles are a good idea when friends come to visit. In the recipe you will find step by step photos to accompany you during the preparation. Conjure up a great fish pasta on your table! The thrill of this dish… I have often cooked tuna pasta and show you here my favorite variant with tonno topping. I like it when the fish is still on the plate and NOT in the sauce disappears. Therefore I prepare the fish topping in an extra pot. Discover an ingenious world of taste here… Thun or as the Swiss say: Thon – goes well with lemon, basil and peperoncino. The tuna oil contains valuable Omega 3 fatty acids and therefore I use the oil for topping. Please use a high-quality tuna from the can or from the glass and pay attention to a product from sustainable fishing. If you have any questions about the recipe, please use the comment function at the bottom of this page. I wish you good luck and a good appetite!

1. Recipe Tuna Pasta

Let yourself be inspired and cook a great pasta dish for you and your loved ones. The cooking instructions begin after the picture….
Tuna noodles served with tomatoes and basil.
Colorfully arranged tuna pasta. Everyone is really excited about this pasta dish!
Tuna pasta colorfully served. Everyone really likes this pasta dish! You can also prepare this pasta dish with spaghetti. I personally eat this dish without cheese. You can add a young parmesan or finely grated mozzarella.  

Tuna Pasta Recipe with Tomatoes and Basil

Noodles with tuna topping easy and quick to prepare. Step by step instructions with photos.

Servings 2 Portions
Calories 448
Total Time 20 Min.
Great recipe for tuna pasta with tomatoes and basil. Discover a fast pasta dish, with a preparation time of about 35 minutes you are there! Tuna noodles are a great idea when your friends come to visit. Step by step photos help you to cook yourself. Noodles with topping 🙂 I’ll show you how to conjure a taste explosion on your plate with the tuna, basil, lemon and peperonciono. Good luck!

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Tuna noodles PPenne served in a plate.
Arrange the tuna pasta in a colorful way.

Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

10 Min.


For the tomato sauce and the pasta

300 g Penne (Strozzapreti, Trofie or Cavatelli)
1 pc garlic (I like to use young garlic)
5 g Olive oil
1 pc shalott (You can also use a small onion!)
50 ml white wine
2 tins chunky tomatoes
4 pinches Pepper
4 pinches Salt (I prefer Himalayan Salt)
4 pinches brown sugar
10 g small capers
10 pc green olives
10 pc black olives
4 pc cherry tomatoes

Tuna Basil Topping

2 tins Tuna in oil (I use MSC.ORG certified tuna )
1 pc Lemon
1 bunch basil
10 g Roasted and salted pine nuts


Cooking pasta the right way made easy. Step picture.
Penne when cooking in a saucepan with salted water.

To cook the pasta, place a large pot of water on top and bring to the boil. You can use Strozzapreti, Trofie or Cavatelli pasta instead of Penne for this dish. Add salt to the cooking water, the pasta water can taste like sea water.

Caramelize the tomatoes.
Caramelize the tomatoes in a pan.

Wash, dry and halve the tomatoes. Fry the cocktail tomatoes in a hot pan with the cut surface facing downwards at high heat and caramelise. Remove the tomatoes from the pan and prepare them for serving.

Caramelize tomatoes over an open fire.
Caramelize tomatoes with the creme brulee burner.

Alternatively you can caramelize whole tomatoes in a pan with the cream Brulee burner.

Onion and garlic in the pan Sauce topping with tomato sauce.
Sauté onions and garlic for tomato sauce in a pan.

Cut the shallots or onions in half, peel and cut into thin slices. Halve the garlic and cut into fine cubes. When you get young garlic, simply cut it into fine strips. Sweat the shallots and garlic with 1 tablespoon olive oil in a pan until translucent.

Next deglaze with the white wine. I like to use Prosecco very much. Add the canned tomatoes and bring the sauce to the boil. Season the tomato sauce with salt, pepper, some sugar and chilli. Finally, add the capers and olives, keeping the finished tomato sauce gently simmering and warm.

The pasta tastes better if you toss the cooked noodles in the sauce.

Cook the penne in the prepared pot until al dente, then pour into a sieve and drain well. Pasta tastes better if you toss the noodles in the sauce. In the attached picture I added basil for the look.

Tuna with oil, basil, lemon juice and lemon zest and chilli in a pan.
Tuna topping to make it look better on the plate Prepare the tuna and tomato paste separately.

Prepare the tuna topping… put the tuna from the tin with the oil in an extra pot. Finely grate the organic lemon and add the lemon juice. Refine the tuna with finely chopped basil, season with a little chilli and warm gently.

Tuna noodles PPenne served in a plate.
Arrange the tuna pasta in a colorful way.

Add the penne to the tomato sauce and mix well. Arrange the pasta on warm plates. Place the prepared tuna with a little oil in the middle of the pasta. Place the caramelized cocktail tomatoes on top of the pasta. Decorate the pasta with basil. Serve the finished tuna pasta sprinkled with pine nuts.

2. Season Tip

Combine this noodle dish with wild garlic instead of basil or trickle wild garlic pesto or basil pesto on the noodles.

Let the pasta become cold and serve this dish as noodle salad for grilling and BBQ.

You can add fried chanterelles or mushrooms to the tuna noodles, that would be a Pasta Mare Monti!

3. Calorie noodles with tuna fish and tomato sauce

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