Recipe Tomato Rice, Step by Step Guide for Side Dish and Vegan Main Course

Tomato rice served as a vegetarian main course.
Rice with tomatoes served as a vegetarian dish: pesto, basil leaves, caramelized tomato, zucchini and balsamic glace .. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf

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The recipe Tomato Rice I show you in this post. A basmati rice with vegetables is usually a light and delicious side dish and becomes the main thing on your plate here. Especially in summer such a rice with vegetables and tomatoes tastes especially delicious. You probably know the rice from your last visit to the Greek restaurant. A similar rice is often served as a side dish with roasted or grilled meat.  I would like to tempt you here to cook a fine, noble rice dish with tomatoes, crispy basil, basil pesto, a balsamic vinegar reduction and caramelized tomatoes. The preparation of the rice plus supplements goes quickly by hand and will give you pleasure at the stove. I wish you good luck and a good appetite! 

1. Shopping List for a tasty Tomato Rice

For your rice with tomatoes you need the following ingredients… The exact quantities of the ingredients can be found below.
Tomato rice ingredients
Ingredients for the rice with tomatoes.
Ingredients for the rice with tomatoes.

2. Prepare Tomato Rice at a Glance

You can prepare a fine Italian rice with chunky tomatoes and vegetables in a pot: I will describe the preparation step by step below. This rice tastes good as a side dish with fish and meat…

3. Supplements to Rice with Tomatoes

Rice with tomatoes as a complete dish… in the introduction I promised you an exciting dish. Here are my tips for rice as a vegetarian main course:

3.1 Basil Pesto

For my fine pesto with basil I used these ingredients: Here you need a pan for roasting the pine nuts, a grater for the parmesan and a blender.

3.2 Balsamico Glace

The fine Balsamico glace is a reduction of balsamic vinegar. I boil the balsamic vinegar in a small pot and season with pepper.
Ready-made balsamic vinegar reduction.
Balsamic vinegar boiled down in a saucepan. this balsamic sauce is also called balsamic ice cream.
Balsamic vinegar cooked in a pot. This balsamic vinegar sauce is called balsamic vinegar glace by chefs.

3.3 Caramelized Tomatoes

For the caramelized tomatoes you need small vine tomatoes, which I marinate with a little sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil. Then stew them in a flat oven dish at 220°C and caramelise them. The tomatoes from the oven are served hot as a garnish on the rice.
Close-up of tomato rice.
Tomato rice arranged on the plate. You can shape the rice with a serving ring on the plate.
Tomato rice served on a plate with grilled tomato, basil pesto and balsamic ice cream. You can shape the rice with a ring on the plate.

4. Recipe Tomato Rice

Below are the instructions for basmati tomato rice with crown: Basil crispy, fresh tomatoes from the oven, pesto and Balsamico glace. Please write me a comment…

Recipe Tomato Rice with Basil Pesto and Balsamico Glace

Recipe rice with tomatoes with many tips from the cook professional Thomas Sixt. A rice dish as a side dish or vegan main dish with tomatoes, courgette and basil deliciously prepare and enjoy!

Servings 2
Calories 605
Total Time 27 Min.
Recipe tomato rice with fried basil, basil pesto and glaze of balsamic vinegar with a step by step guide for a great rice dish. Prepare rice with tomato, courgette and basil like a professional chef. Many chef tips for preparation. Good luck!

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Tomato rice served as a vegetarian main course.
Rice with tomatoes served as a vegetarian dish: pesto, basil leaves, caramelized tomato, zucchini and balsamic glace .. © Thomas Sixt Foodfotograf

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

12 Min.


Tomato Rice with Courgette, Oven Tomato and Fried Basil

120 g Basmati rice
1 can tomatoes (I use chunky tomatoes, 400g)
4 pc spring onions (fresh)
1 pc clove of garlic (fresh)
180 ml Vegetable broth
1/2 tsp brown sugar
15 g butter
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper
1 tsp thyme (fresh)
1 tsp majoram (fresh)
8 pc basil leafs (fresh)
5 tbs oil (for frying the basil leaves)
1 pinch Salt
1 pc Courgette
1 tbs oil (for frying the zucchini cubes)

Basil Pesto

1 bunch basil
3 tbs pine nuts
60 g parmesan (or Pecorino hard cheese)
4 tbs oliv oil
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper

Balsamic Glace

8 tbs balsamic vinegar (I like to use an original Italian Aceto Balsamico.)
1 pinch Pepper (freshly grounded)

Caramelised Vine Tomatoes from the Oven

1 panicle vine tomatoes (small tomatoes)
1 tbs oliv oil
1 tsp brown sugar
1 pinch Salt
1 pinch Pepper


Prepare Tomatoes

Marinated cocktail tomatoes before cooking in the oven.
Marinated cocktail tomatoes prepared for stewing and caramelizing.

Place the small vine tomatoes on the panicle in a fireproof open dish.
Add a little olive oil, sugar, salt and pepper.
Cook in the oven at 220°C for about 15 minutes.

Caramelized stewed tomatoes close-up
Braised tomatoes, caramelized.

Keep the tomatoes warm in the oven until serving.

Prepare Basil Leaves

Basil leaves on a board.
Basil leaves plucked.

Pluck the basil leaves from the bunch.

Crispy basil, the leaves taste delicious.
Crispy fried basil leaves.

Fry the basil leaves in enough hot oil in a pan. Lightly season with salt. Place on a kitchen paper so that the oil can drip off.

Prepare Courgette

Prepare zucchini.
Prepare zucchini

Prepare the courgette for roasting in the pan. Wash, dry and quarter the courgettes and remove the seeds.

Zucchini diced photographed on a board.
Diced zucchini

Cut the courgette into cubes of about 1 cm in size.

fried zucchini cubes in a pan.
Seared zucchini cubes.

Fry the courgette dices in a pan with a little oil.

Prepare Basil Pesto

Roasted pine nuts in a pan.
Roasted pine nuts

Roast the pine nuts in a pan WITHOUT oil.

Pesto ingredients in a blender jar
Ingredients for Pesto Genovese in a blender jar.

Add basil, roasted pine nuts, virgin olive oil, parmesan, salt and pepper to the blender.

Pesto in a blender jar.
Freshly prepared basil pesto in a blender jar.

Mix or puree the ingredients for the pesto cold.

Homemade basil pesto photographed in a glass.
Pesto Genovese photographed in a glass.

Pour the finished basil pesto into a sealable jar. A part of the pesto is placed on the plates for decoration.

Prepare Balsamico Reduction

Ready-made balsamic vinegar reduction.
Balsamic vinegar boiled down in a saucepan. this balsamic sauce is also called balsamic ice cream.

Cook the balsamic vinegar in a small pot for max. 10 minutes. Season with pepper.

Prepare Rice with Tomatoes

Boil rice, fry rice with onions and butter beforehand.
Rice with onions and butter when frying and rice "toast".

Cut the spring onions into rings and sauté in a pan with butter and rice. Add the peeled clove of garlic, finely chopped, a little later.

Add the chunky tomatoes to the rice.
Add canned tomatoes to the rice.

Add the tomatoes to the rice in the pot.

Tomato rice with vegetable broth in a saucepan.
Top up the tomato rice with vegetable stock.

Add the vegetable stock.

Ready-cooked tomato rice.
Cooked tomato rice on a wooden spoon.

Let the rice simmer for 12 minutes at low heat.
The pot remains open, the rice is cooked WITHOUT a lid, otherwise the green ingredients turn grey.

Arrangement on the Plate

Serving rice made easy, with a serving ring it is perfect.
Serve tomato rice as a dish: Shape the rice with the serving ring, with pesto, balsamic vinegar reduction, zucchini and crispy basil leaves.

Season the rice with a little butter, salt and pepper.
Arrange the rice on a plate with a ring.
Sprinkle the fried courgette cubes on the plate, add pesto, balsamic vinegar reduction and crispy basil leaves.
Decorate the rice with thyme blossoms and marjoram leaves.
Place the caramelized tomato in the middle of the rice, serve the rest of the tomatoes separately.
Serve quickly, enjoy your meal!


5. Calories Rice with Tomatoes, Crispy Basil, Basil Pesto and Balsamic Glace

6. More Ideas with Rice and Tomatoes

Chicken skewers on tomato rice
Tomato rice with fresh fish

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