Spinach Gnocchi with Cream Sauce with Pine Nuts, Tomatoes and Parmesan. A vegetarian Dish that gives Pleasure!

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With this Spinach Gnocchi recipe with cream sauce your gnocchi will be on the table in less than 30 minutes, promised!

Gnocchi with spinach and cream sauce is a delicious vegetarian meal. Ideal if you want to chill. Enough of the work clothes? Watch a movie and eat on the sofa? Great. That works.

At the same time I have prepared the Gnocchi recipe colorful for you. Roasted pine nuts and tomato cubes complete this gnocchi dish in taste and appearance. Colourful tastes better! Cook this dish relaxed for your guests!

A little magic in the kitchen and it will relax completely. I’ll show you how to prepare my spinach gnocci step by step with many photos. Good success!

1. Gnocchi with Spinach and Cream Sauce

Since I prepare these spinach gnocchi mainly vegetarian, I use a soy cream for the creamy sauce. You can also use cow’s milk cream, that remains a matter of taste. I like both and since I don’t want to do without the original, the good Parmesan cheese, I use soy cream for the cream sauce this time.

2. Prepare Spinach Gnocchi, the Step by Step Guide

First place a pot of water on the stove to boil the gnocchi. Season the boiling water for the gnocchi with plenty of salt (1 tbsp). Cook the gnocchi later, when the cream sauce is ready. Place a pan or a wok on the stove and heat it up. Cut the cleaned mushrooms into thin slices. Fry the mushroom slices first, add some olive oil. While the mushrooms are taking some colour, you can cut the light green of the young onions into thin slices and after a few minutes add them to the mushrooms.

Brown the champigons and let them take their colour, this gives the cream sauce its flavour!

in the pan: sauces ingredients for spinach gnocchi
My sauce for the spinach and cream sauce with young onions and lightly browned mushrooms.

Deglaze the sauce with a little white wine and add the soy cream. Bring the sauce to the boil and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

sauce for spinach gnocchi - onion mushrooms sautéed-wine-cream
The boiling cream sauce with spring onions and mushrooms.

Add the washed spinach to the cream sauce and bring to the boil while stirring. It is best to use fresh, young spinach. The washed spinach should only be cooked briefly in the sauce so that it remains beautifully green.

Cook spinach only briefly in the sauce – so the spinach stays nice and green!

If you cook the spinach too long, it will turn grey and unsightly. Short cooking replaces the time-consuming blanching of the spinach.

wash the spinach and add clean spinach to the sauce
The fresh spinach is added to the cream sauce in the pan.

The spinach now collapses very quickly and remains beautifully green.

prepare spinach gnocchi sauce - spinach in sauce boiled up
The added fresh spinach quickly collapses in the boiling cream sauce.

Now push the wok with the cream sauce aside and briefly fry the pine nuts in a second wok or a small pan. You can now add the gnocchi to the boiling water, the cooking time is usually only a few minutes.

Pine nut are tasty after roasting - perfect for the decoration of my spinach gnocchi
Watch out while roasting, pine nuts burn fast!

The pine nuts roast on the stove, next to it I quickly cut a tomato into quarters. Take out the core house and add it to the cream sauce. This adds a little acidity and taste to the sauce and the seeds are too good to throw away. I filet off the tomato skin with a sharp knife and quickly cut the pure tomato-fruit flesh into cubes. Please pay attention to the pine nuts so that they do not burn.

Tip: Always roast pine nuts on stock, so they are ready to hand in the kitchen cupboard.

prepare fast tomato cubes
Tomatoes cut into quarters

Remove the gnocchi from the water with a skimmer and place in a wok or pan to prepare the cream sauce.

Drain the gnocchi well so that the cream sauce does not dilute.

cooked-gnocchi-add to spinach sauce
Cooked gnocchi in a pan with spinach, champigons cream sauce.

Now arrange the gnocchi, but do not mix the cooked gnocchi with the sauce and vegetables, just pull them through the sauce. This will make the gnocchi lighter and more even.

gnocchi with cream sauce in a deep dish
Spinach gnocchi with cream sauce served in a deep dish, colourful with tomato cubes, pine nuts, mushrooms and parmesan.

The gnocchi look very good in the deep plate here another picture:

spinach gnocchi recipe cover picture © thomas sixt food art artist bavarian chef
Spinach gnocchi with cream sauce, tomato cubes, pine nuts, parmesan. Foodbild © Thomas Sixt

The gnocchi also look great on a flat plate, here two pictures:

spinach gnocchi close-up view on the plate
I like such a close-up very much. The spinach gnocchi with creamy sauce have become wonderful.

From the top, the gnocchi look like this:

a colorful dish spinach-with-gnocchi-flat-plate-colorful
Gnocchi prepared vegetarian on a flat plate, that looks very tasty!

3. The secret Tip for your Spinach Gnocchi

Refine your gnocchi with a few drops of white truffle oil, that’s a real bang and an absolute kick.

This looks delicious and fine, spinach gnocchi served on the plate with decoration and environment photographed
served spinach gnocchi

4. Recipe Spinach Gnocchi with Cream Sauce

Below is my recipe for gnocchi with creamy spinach sauce

Spinach Gnocchi with Cream Sauce Recipe

Delicious vegetarian variant for spinach gnocchi with creamy cream sauce, mushrooms, tomato cubes and parmesan.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 538
Total Time 30 Min.
Delicious recipe for Spiantgnocchi with cream sauce. My vegetarian gnocchi are very colourful and you can cook them yourself.

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spinach gnocchi recipe image


Preparation Time

17 Min.

Cook Time

13 Min.


250 g Gnocchi (glutenfree and vegan)
7 pc Mushrooms
1 tsp oliv oil
80 g young onions
60 ml dry white wine
200 ml soy cream (or cow milk cream)
3 pinch Salt
2 pinch Pepper
3 pinch nutmeg
150 g leaf spinach (young leaf spinach is ideal!)
2 tbs pine nuts (roasted or freshly roast yourself)
1 pc tomato
50 g parmesan (fresh and finely grated)


Place the gnocchi ready and bring a pot of water to the boil. Season the water with a tablespoon of salt.

Cut the mushrooms into 2 mm thick slices and sauté in olive oil in a pan or wok.

Add the light green onions cut into thin slices to the mushrooms and sauté further.

After 3-5 minutes, deglaze the sauce with onions and mushrooms with white wine, add the soy cream and bring to the boil.

Season the cream sauce with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Add the washed and drained spinach to the cream sauce. Bring the sauce to the boil once and fold in the spinach. Remove the pan or wok with the cream sauce from the heat and prepare.

Cook the gnocchi in salted water. My gnocchi only need 2 minutes to cook, please note the cooking time on the packaging.

Roast the pine nuts, cut the tomato into quarters, add the Kernhaus to the cream sauce and fold in, skin the tomato fillets with a sharp knife, cut the tomato pulp into cubes.

Remove the gnocchi floating on the surface from the water with a skimmer, drain well, place the gnocchi in the cream sauce and cover with a spoonful of cream sauce.

Arrange the gnocchi and spinach on a hot plate. Alternate vegetables first, then gnocchi on the plate to make a nice picture.

Decorate spinach gnocchi with pine nuts, parmesan and tomato cubes and enjoy!

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