Scrambled eggs easy to prepare in +10 variants, recipe with cooking video

Scrambled eggs recipe picture
Prepare scrambled eggs in +10 variations Featured image.

Hi, I am a German Chef and Food Photographer. The imparting of cooking knowledge is my great passion. Everyone can cook for himself and with this website I would like to contribute to its success. Cooking questions I answer you gladly at the end of the articles. Have fun and good luck!

Today I show you my scrambled egg recipe. Quickly made and always delicious comes the scrambled eggs with various additions to the plate.

I am a big fan of scrambled eggs. The quickly scrambled egg is great for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and in between. Such a wholesome lightning meal is better than any chocolate or granola bar.

How you can score with this turbo food not only on Sundays, I show you in many variations. Your inspiration and creativity you can follow freely or choose between my suggestions.

Then let’s quickly get down to business. I have filmed for you in my kitchen. I hope my recipe and my video give you much pleasure in your preparation and I wish you good luck!

1. Prepare scrambled eggs in +10 variants, overview and ideas

In the kitchen I like to be creative and try out a lot. Boredom does not get on my plate!

So I have put together some great ideas for the pan eggs for you. In the table you will find my suggestions with ingredient lists.

ClassicChicken eggs, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, herbs as decoration
FluffyChicken eggs, cream, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, herbs as decoration
Truffle Chicken eggs, white truffle oil, cream, salt, pepper,
cayenne pepper, chervil or truffle slices
with mushroomsFried mushrooms such as mushrooms, herb mushrooms, porcini mushrooms,
Maronen oder Pfifferlinge, Hühnereier, Sahne, Salz, Pfeffer,
Cayennepfeffer, Kräuter als Deko
with tomatoesChicken eggs, diced tomatoes or tomato concasse, cream, salt,
pepper, cayenne pepper, herbs as decoration
with paprikaPeeled and finely chopped cubes of bell pepper, chicken eggs,
cream, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, herbs for decoration.
with vegetablesDiced zucchini, bell bell pepper, shallot, sautéed, chicken eggs,
cream, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, herbs as decoration
with baconCrispy fried bacon wafers or bacon slices, chicken eggs, cream,
Salz, Pfeffer, Cayennepfeffer, Kräuter als Deko
with avocadoChicken eggs, cream, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, sprouts as decoration,
with Brussels sprouts leavesBlanched Brussels sprouts leaves, chicken eggs, cream, salt, pepper,
Cayenne pepper, herbs as decoration
Scrambled eggs with green asparagus and truffle
You can combine your scrambled eggs according to season and market supply with the most diverse ingredients. Here I added steamed white asparagus and truffles. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Prepare scrambled eggs in the oven

It doesn’t always have to be the pan. I also like to stock the eggs in the oven in small oven molds or cups. Your visitor will make eyes and you have little effort.

Scrambled eggs prepared in the oven
Pour the beaten eggs into a buttered ramekin and bake in the oven at 160°C until firm. The convenient variant of the oven preparation is recommended when guests come. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Souffled scrambled eggs in a ramekin in the oven, my recommendation when guests come for brunch!

Preparation tip from chef Thomas Sixt

3. Mushrooms – the classic complement to the egg dish

In detail, I would like to present you in the recipe the variant with mushrooms. Mushrooms are at the top of the scale of the most popular addition to the egg.

Mushroom and egg together are just delicious and really best friends!

Small list for mushrooms and the shopping list:

Champigons, porcini, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms, chestnuts, shitake and herb mushrooms

Please also think about the herbs: Parsley, chervil or cress harmonize wonderfully with it and give the egg dish a visual kick!

Porcini mushrooms when frying with onion cubes
Mushrooms are a popular addition to egg dishes. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

4. Recipe scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

Prepare egg dish with confidence. A step by step guide, cooked, photographed and written down by chef Thomas SIxt.

Servings 2 Portions
Calories 559
Total Time 25 Min.

Scrambled eggs easy and fast cook yourself, that shows you this recipe with step by step photos, cooking video and cooking tips from the chef Thomas Sixt.

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Scrambled eggs recipe picture
Prepare scrambled eggs in +10 variations Featured image.

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

10 Min.


250 g Porcini mushrooms
4-5 pc eggs
1/4 TL Salt (I use primal salt or Himalayan salt)
4-6 pinches Pepper black, ground
2 Branches thyme (I also use Parsley)
15 g butter (or olive oil)
2 Branches Parsley (or chives)
1 pc tomato


Wash mushrooms properly
We want to wash mushrooms very quickly so that the tasty fellows don't get too drunk with water. For this, chefs use a mixture of water, lemon juice and flour.

Clean the mushrooms with a brush or wash them in flour-lemon juice water and rinse them clear under cold running water. Dry the mushrooms and prepare them for cooking. In my cooking school I show you how to clean mushrooms.

Fresh boletus mushrooms
Fresh and brushed porcini mushrooms.

Cut the mushrooms for the pan with a knife.

Fry the porcini mushrooms vigorously
Fry the porcini mushrooms vigorously in a pan with a little oil.

Heat a frying pan and fry the butter in it. Put the prepared mushrooms and sauté for 5 minutes over high heat. Season lightly with salt, bell pepper and paprika powder. Let the mushrooms take some color, then the taste is more intense!

Cut the mushrooms into small pieces
Cut the fried mushrooms into small pieces.

Cut a large part of the mushrooms into small pieces. The others remain for decoration. Now put the fried mushrooms aside for the time being.

Prepare scrambled eggs
Open eggs in a bowl seasoned with salt and pepper and cream.

Crack the eggs into a bowl and season with salt, pepper and thyme. Beat the eggs with a fork. You can also prepare the egg dish in portions, then beat only 2 eggs in the bowl.

Scrambled eggs in the pan
Scrambled eggs when preparing in the pan

Add the egg to the hot oil in the pan. When the eggs begin to set, add the fried mushrooms.

Scrambled eggs ready pan
The scrambled eggs are cooked in the pan.

To prepare 2 eggs, please use a small pan, half of the sautéed mushrooms with two eggs in the pan.

Cooking school and cooking wiki
Cooking school category image shows the peeling of a tomato.

Skin and core the tomato. Cut into small cubes. We need them for the decoration.

Scrambled eggs recipe picture
Prepare scrambled eggs in +10 variations Featured image.

Serve the egg dish on warmed plates or bowls. Garnish with mushrooms, chives or parsley and diced tomatoes. Enjoy your meal!


You can also prepare this egg dish with porcini, chestnuts, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and herb mushrooms. Please note the size of the mushrooms. You can either pluck the mushrooms into small pieces or cut the larger mushrooms into thin slices!

Shitake Pilze
Shitake mushrooms in the pan. Larger mushrooms I cut into thin slices.

Instead of thyme, you can also use parsley, lovage, basil or chives.

Schnittlauch schneiden
Chives finely cut into rolls on a bulletin board.

5. Calories and nutritional values

6. Frequently asked questions about the scrambled egg

I have created an extra post in the cooking questions section for the most frequently asked questions about scrambled eggs.

7. More matching cooking ideas

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