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sauce-hollandaise-recipe-picture-with salmon-and-asparagus
Green asparagus with salmon and hollandaise sauce

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Today I show you my new recipe Hollandaise. Please read on quickly, this preparation method makes the Hollandaise 100 percent sure to succeed.

The sauce hollandaise generally goes well with asparagus, it goes well with steamed vegetables, serve this sauce with fish and shrimps as well.

In the video Prepare Hollandaise Sauce I show you everything step by step.

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1. Make your own Hollandaise Sauce with special Tips from professional Cook

In addition to heated butter and fresh egg yolks, the so-called reduction is the most important component of the Hollandaise sauce. The reduction brings the special and deep taste into the sauce and I therefore write about it in more detail.

2. How to prepare Reduction for classic Sauce

Finely dice a shallot, add white wine, some water and vinegar, herbs and spices such as parsley, tarragon, bay leaf and peppercorns. Put all ingredients in a saucepan, bring to the boil and boil over low heat for about 15 minutes (reduce). That’s right! Hence the name reduction.

3. How to prepare the Sauce over the Water Bath

The classic preparation of hollandaise takes place in a water bath. For this you heat water in a pot to approx. 80°C. Then place a matching stainless steel bowl in the pot. Put the egg yolks and the reduction in the water bath bowl and whip the egg yolks with the help of a snow beater. The egg yolks are beaten not only from left to right but in the shape of an eight. The heat and the air give the sauce its wonderful volume. Little by little you can now add the hot butter, please continue beating vigorously with a whisk, first add a little butter slowly in a jet and make sure that butter and egg yolk bind well together. If the sauce has already absorbed a little more butter, you can add the remaining butter more quickly.

4. Sauce Hollandaise simple, here’s the trick!

Let’s get to the real reason for this article, the preparation of a simple sauce Hollandaise. The idea is – I exclude sources of error and use modern kitchen equipment.

The trick to the preparation is already something for clever: We let the kitchen machine do the beating, instead of the water bath the beating bowl of the kitchen machine is heated before in the oven at 90°C sufficiently in the oven. The yolks, the reduction and the tempered butter (90°C) previously prepared.

5. Cooking Video Sauce Hollandaise

Here the cooking video to my sauce Hollandaise, accompanying the recipe, absolutely sure to succeed!

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7. Great Recipe for Sauce Hollandaise. Easy to cook yourself.

Sauce Hollandaise

Recipe for sauce Hollandaise with step by step instructions and many cooking tips. A cooking video and many professional tips will help you to prepare your chef Hollandaise.

Servings 2
Calories 884
Total Time 25 Min.
The preparation of a sauce Hollandaise I show in this article. The recipe Sauce Hollandaise accompanies you to your chef Hollandaise, the article describes sources of error and gives you all the tips of the great chefs. A cooking video accompanies you cooking yourself. A special and new method of preparation is shown – clotted sauce Hollandaise is now a thing of the past. Good luck and good appetite!

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sauce-hollandaise-recipe-picture-with salmon-and-asparagus
Green asparagus with salmon and hollandaise sauce

Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


1 pc Shallot (I take alway Shallot - finer in taste than onions)
30 ml dry white wine
80 ml Water
1 tbsp white wine vinegar
some Parsley
1/2 tsp tarragon
1 pc Bay leaf
2 pc peppercorns
220 g butter
2 pc egg yolks
some Cayenne pepper
some nutmeg


Place the Kitchen Aid beating bowl or another metal bowl in the 80 degree oven and heat for 15 minutes.

Prepare reduction: Peel and dice the shallot and bring to the boil with white wine, water, vinegar, parsley, tarragon and bay leaf as well as the peppercorns and reduce to 3-4 tablespoons. Provide the prepared reduction.

Heat the butter for the hollandaise sauce, make it foam and clarify to a light brown shade. Pass the butter through a fine sieve and let it temper beside the stove (approx. 90°C).

Place the egg yolks in the pre-heated beating bowl, let the Kitchen Aid run at full speed with the beater, slowly add the prepared reduction.

Add the clarified brown butter first slowly by the spoonful, then faster – egg yolk and butter should emulsify well and combine. Season the hollandaise sauce with a little chilli or cayenne pepper, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

The Hollandaise sauce can be kept warm in the preheated oven at 70-75 degrees for 10-30 minutes without any problems. If necessary, place a small piece of butter on the sauce so that no skin forms.

When serving the Hollandaise sauce to asparagus, potatoes or fish, please use preheated plates or a sauce boat so that the tasty, full sauce comes warm to the table.

The Hollandaise sauce can be kept warm in the oven at 90°C for about 15 minutes. Add a piece of butter to the sauce and you will not get any skin!

Gourmet Tip Sauce Hollandaise and Lobster:
The absolute highlight of the upscale kitchen is the Hummer Thermidor. I glaze the lobster pieces in foamed butter, then fill the lobster pieces into the lobster carcasses and coat them with the Hollandaise sauce. Place briefly under the grill and serve. This makes gourmet hearts beat faster and certainly a good idea for a perfect dinner for two.

lobster, great with Spaghetti and garlic



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