Salad with Prawns simply deliciously prepare. Leaf Salad Recipe with fine Dressing and Tips from the Chef

Salad with prawns Recipe Picture
The salad with prawns and orange fillets is another option for your party.

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Today I show you my recipe Salad with Prawns. Each season has its own recipes: Lamb’s lettuce with prawns goes perfectly with autumn and winter. What could be nicer than sitting at the table with your best friends and enjoying a great meal together? This salad is a main course for figure-conscious or a great starter and “only” makes the evening round. Reserve this starter for Christmas and a Christmas menu! Learn many tips for the preparation of prawns, salad and dressing. Good luck!

1. How to prepare a simple salad with Prawns

For this dish you need fresh lamb’s lettuce or mixed salad, oranges, white wine vinegar, olive oil, prawns, cognac, salt, pepper, sugar. This dish is absolutely simple and with a little skill you can prepare it in less than 30 minutes (starter). First pluck the roots off the lamb’s lettuce, place the lettuce in cold water, swivel the lamb’s lettuce flowers gently in the water, change the water once and place the lettuce after 10 minutes on a kitchen paper to drain. I published a step-by-step guide to washing and cleaning lamb’s lettuce some time ago. It is important that the salad has dried well before marinating so that the salad dressing adheres optimally to the fine leaves. If you prefer to prepare your salad with mixed lettuce, you will find a suggestion here as a picture, the salad washing I show elsewhere:
Colorful lettuce, different types.
Colorful leaf salads are excellent for prawns. If you have little time, you can also buy a ready-made mixture on the market.
Colourful leaf salads are excellent for prawns. Who has little time can also buy a ready mixture at the market.

2. How to prepare a simple Salad Dressing

I prepare the salad dressing with orange juice and vinegar. Put a board and a bowl ready, you also need a very sharp knife. Now peel the oranges with the knife and remove the skin generously. Then hold the orange over the bowl and cut the orange fillets out of the fruit. I show you how to prepare orange fillets in the following videos. Place the orange fillets in an extra bowl. Add a little white wine vinegar to the orange juice, salt, pepper and sugar, then stir with a whisk and slowly add olive oil. The combination of vinegar and orange juice gives you a pleasant, fresh acidity for your salad dressing. The salad dressing is ready for later serving. The salad is always marinated with the dressing shortly before serving, because the acid quickly wilts the salad leaves.

3. How to fry Prawns properly

The prawns are best bought at the fish market, Asian grocery stores are an insider tip, they often offer large, raw prawns as frozen goods. The prawns are ideal if they are grey and have not been pre-cooked. The bigger the prawns, the better it is for frying. If you get real scampi then buy it, your guests will be very happy! Defrost the prawns in cold water, peel them, remove the gut, dry the prawns and make them ready for frying and flambéing.
The real scampi is a little crab and tastes delicious!
The real scampi is the better shrimp and tastes delicious. Here in the picture triggered scampi on a board.
The real Scampi is the better shrimp and tastes excellent. Here in the picture released Scampi on a board.

3.1 How to prepare delicious pre-cooked Prawns from the Supermarket

If you “only” get pre-cooked, deep-frozen prawns from the supermarket, which you can recognize by their red colour, prepare them as follows: Defrost prawns in cold water, drain, heat pan, add some olive oil and butter to pan and foam, add prawns and heat or glaze for only about 2 minutes. Then flambé and serve quickly. My professional cooking tip for pre-cooked supermarket prawns: The prawns only briefly in olive oil and butter warm up and glaze, so these can be brought pleasantly on the plate. These prawns are fried too much with a consistency like gum or just leave a lot of water. When your guests are sitting at the table, you can prepare your salad. Prepare the required number of plates for serving. The plates should be cold and polishing them won’t hurt :-). Fry the prawns on both sides in a hot pan with a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper, add the cognac and flambé. Place the orange fillets in the hot pan and leave the pan next to the hotplate. Marinate the lamb’s lettuce with the dressing and arrange on a plate. Add the orange fillets and prawns… your simple salad with prawns is ready.
Prawns in the pan, fried
High heat is required to fry the prawns, always preheat the pan well. Coated pan or iron pan, that remains a matter of philosophy and the equipment in your own kitchen.
To fry the prawns you need high heat, always preheat the pan well. Coated pan or iron pan, that remains a matter of philosophy and equipment in your own kitchen.

4. Recipe

Before the recipe some decoration tips: Add goji berries, red berries (red pepper), pomegranate seeds, tomato cubes, paprika antipasti, bread croutons. A similar recipe is the salad with prawns and avocado.

Salad with Prawns

Simple recipe for lamb’s lettuce or mixed salad with prawns by Thomas Sixt. Instructions with picture and cooking video. I prepare this salad very gladly in autumn and in winter. Especially at Christmas time the recipe for the lamb’s lettuce with flambéed prawns and oranges is ideal. The preparation is really easy and therefore the dish is also very suitable for a menu and the guest kitchen. The lamb’s lettuce must be well washed. Please change the water several times and move the salad gently in the water. So the sand can settle down. Lamb’s lettuce must not be thrown, otherwise the tender buds will break. Simply let the lettuce drip off on kitchen paper and you will get a good visual impression.

Servings 2 Portions
Calories 333
Total Time 30 Min.
Salad with prawns fantastically easy to prepare. This recipe shows you step by step how to prepare prawns and salad. After reading it, you will be able to put a great dish on your plate in less than 30 minutes. I wish you all the best!

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Salad with prawns Recipe Picture
The salad with prawns and orange fillets is another option for your party.

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


50-150 g Lamb's lettuce (Rapunzel) (Vogerlsalat, field salad or mixed salad)
2 Stück fresh oranges
1 EL white wine vinegar
4 Prisen Salt
3 Prisen black pepper (Pepper white or black, according to personal taste)
1 Prise brown cane sugar (brown sugar brings a wonderful aroma to the salad dressing!)
30-50 ml oliv oil (Fry some olive oil with the prawns, use the rest for the dressing.)
6-8 Stück prawns (adjust the quantity according to size, availability and appetite)
40 ml cognac


Carefully clean the lamb’s lettuce and soak it twice in cold water. Dry the lettuce and prepare it for marinating. Please follow the instructions in the article or wash the contribution lamb’s lettuce.

Peel and filet the orange and collect the orange juice for the salad vinaigrette in a bowl.

Mix the orange juice, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar and dissolve, slowly stir in the olive oil with a whisk or use a blender. Prepare a well emulsified salad dressing!

Drain the prawns prepared according to the instructions and fry them on both sides in a pan over high heat with a little oil. Gently season the prawns with salt and pepper, I personally prefer white pepper because it harmonises very well with the oranges. Now place the orange fillets in the pan with the prawns, flambé with the cognac and place next to the stove.

Marinate the prepared lettuce evenly with the salad dressing and arrange on plates. Add the prawns and orange fillets. Decoration tips can be found in the above article, I personally prefer to combine pomegranate seeds or goji berries with this dish.

5. Calorie Salad with Prawns

With this dish the nourish-conscious Geniesser is pleased! If the bread is omitted it is a Low Carb dish, at the same time it is a food combining recipe, the salad is gluten-free and therefore super compatible and even fits into a diet change or diet.

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