Rumpsteak Recipe with Bacon Beans and Roast Juice, How a Steak is perfectly roasted is shown in the Cooking Video

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My recipe Rumpsteak shown here with bacon beans and gravy is a well prepared Rumpsteak with great side dishes.

Here comes a delicious steak on the table! I will show you how to fry rump steak properly and which side dishes fit to the rump steak.

Of course a cooking video Rumpsteak accompanies you step by step to prepare in your kitchen.

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It’s a hearty recipe, if you’re looking for a light steak recipe the fillet steak with fennel is just right.

1. Fry Rumpsteak properly

It is well known that opinions differ widely in the cooking cosmos. Should the meat be seasoned beforehand or afterwards, should the steak be fried with or without fat? There are generally two possibilities:

1.2 Roast Rumpsteak without fat and season later

In this type of preparation, a suitable pan with a thick base is preheated at high temperature. The rump steak is prepared, the tendon is cut, the meat is dabbed dry and placed in the hot pan. Important: Press the meat in the pan lightly against the bottom of the pan to form a crust. After a few minutes the meat can be turned over, the second side is done the same way, then the steak is steamed with lid and the meat is seasoned shortly before serving.

1.2.1 Cooking Video Frying Rumpsteak properly without fat

You can watch directly in the video where I show the preparation of the steak and the roasting without fat. The site is linked here.

1.3 Fry the Rumpsteak with Fat and season it beforehand

I call this form of the rumpsteak preparation the classical form. That’s what I learned during my apprenticeship as a cook at Alfons Schuhbeck. The meat is prepared, the tendon is cut so that the steak does not bulge when roasted. I put some fat in the hot pan: sunflower oil, maize germ oil or neutral coconut fat is suitable. The meat is seasoned with salt and pepper on both sides shortly before it is placed in the pan and then fried on each side.

2. Season and fry Rumpsteak, which Method is better?

The thing with seasoning the meat before roasting or after roasting is similar to riding a bicycle with a cap or without a cap. It remains a matter of taste and both methods are common. The argumentation in this area is sometimes quite laborious. I cannot understand the burnt pepper, nor the statement, salt would extract the water from the meat. It is crucial to season the meat shortly before pickle, not half an hour before.

Rump steak nicely fried in the pan.

3. Rumpsteak Meat science and Designations

The German language has taken the word “rumpsteak” from the English language; in French: rumsteak; in Italian: bistecca di manzo; in Spanish: bistec de vaca.

3.1 This is how Rumpsteaks come tenderly and not toughly on the plate

Rumpsteak is cut from the middle of the flat roast beef. Rumpsteak should be hung at least 3 weeks from slaughter day, I always buy rumpsteaks on stock and have the meat vacuumed.

Rump steak is cut from the middle of the flat roast beef.

3.2 Steak Cooking Levels to remember

Gargrad BezeichnungKerntemperatur
Medium Rare50-54°C
Medium well60-72°C
Well done73-85°C

4. Rumpsteak Side Dishes

A wide variety of potato preparations and vegetables are suitable as side dishes to the steak. I will only give you a small overview:

4.1 Perfect Side Dish with Steak

Potatoes like potato gratin, fried potatoes, butter potatoes, castle potatoes or Parisian potatoes, French fries, rösti, croquettes go well with the rumpsteak as a side dish.

I’ve already read about ribbon noodles as a side dish, I don’t like them with steak.

4.2 Vegetables with Rumpsteak

Bacon beans are very popular, I show the preparation of the beans with bacon cubes in the video. The beans in a bacon coat are also very fine:

Bacon beans for rump steak

Rumpsteak with glazed root vegetables, steamed broccoli with almond butter or butter crumbs also tastes good.

As the last variation I would like to introduce Rumpsteak mediterran – here with paprika, zucchini and aubergines as a summer dish – please make your own pesto!

Rump steak food combining and low carb

5. My Insider Tip for Rumpsteak

During the asparagus season I like to prepare rump steak with the side potatoes shown in the video, the asparagus is steamed and I prepare a sauce hollandaise.

The kick is, the gravy of the steak is strongly boiled down and the sauce dialogue of homemade hollandaise and gravy ice cream is unsurpassable in taste.

6. My Rumpsteak Recipe

Rumpsteak with Bacon Beans and Roast Juice

Recipe how to fry a delicious rump steak and prepare complementory side dishes. Cooking instructions with cooking video by Thomas Sixt

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 662
Total Time 45 Min.
How to fry a delicious rump steak and prepare complementory side dishes.

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Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

35 Min.


2 pc Rumpsteak
250 g beans
some Parsley
150 g Potatoes
50 g butter
60 g bacon
some Chili
2 pc cloves of garlic
some thyme
pinch Salt
pinch Pepper
some nutmeg


Let the butcher prepare the rump steaks, cut the tendon several times.

Clean the beans, cook in boiling water until al dente, cool in ice water (blanch) and place ready to dry.

Boil the potatoes, peel them and heat them in a pan with finely chopped parsley and butter. Season the potatoes with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

For the beans cut the bacon into cubes, peel the garlic, sprinkle with salt and cut finely. Sweat the bacon and garlic, add the beans and season with salt, pepper and some chilli.

Put the dry spotted steaks in a hot pan without seasoning, press lightly and fry. Reduce the temperature immediately. Add a half clove of garlic and some thyme to the steaks.

Leave the steaks to simmer for about 5 minutes with the lid on to form the gravy.

Arrange the steaks on warm plates, add the beans and potatoes. Reduce the gravy to taste and add to the meat.


Steaks always  arrange on warmed plates, 70-80°C is ideal.

7. Nutritional Values

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