Roll Roast Turkey, cooked whole, quickly and fine – Recipe from a Professional Chef

Roast Turkey
turkey roast recipe, turkey roast cut open and served on the plate

Hi, I am a German Chef and Food Photographer. The imparting of cooking knowledge is my great passion. Everyone can cook for himself and with this website I would like to contribute to its success. Cooking questions I answer you gladly at the end of the articles. Have fun and good luck!

Now may I present my Turkey Roll Roast recipe. The preparation is really simple, because it all comes from the oven – scrub pots goodbye…
Meals with success are boneless – that’s possible with the roll roast!
Poultry is healthier than beef or pork. That’s why I’d like to recommend turkey meat to you. I know… animal husbandry is what matters nowadays, especially with turkeys! That’s why I show you my organic meat turkey roast as a whole. Animal welfare is also human welfare – yes! I wish you a lot of joy while cooking. If you like, share the recipe with your friends – thank you and good luck!
Turkey Leg in the Oven with Vegetables, Recipe with Cooking Video and professional Tricks
Prepare turkey legs with side dishes, 🙂 vegetables in the oven.
Turkey Leg in the Oven I’ll show you cooking videos and two variations in another place with prepare! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Buy Turkey Roast

The classic roll turkey roast is wrapped in a net and placed in the refrigerated shelf or counter. What kind of roll roast could you buy in the shop?

1.1 Marinated Rolled Roast with Turkey Meat

This meat has been heavily seasoned. Pickling salt is often used to extend the shelf life of roasts. Personally I do not like the high proportion of cheap salt in pre-marinated meat. This also applies to roast poultry.
Marinated roast rather wash off and season carefully with salt!
Therefore I would advise you to rinse the wound roast once briefly under running cold water. Then I supplement the poultry roast with herbs or spices…

1.2 Unseasoned Rolled Roast with Turkey Meat

Unseasoned meat is always great. You can use your great rock salt or ur salt as well as freshly ground pepper from your pepper mill.
Unseasoned roast poultry is first choice when shopping!
A little rose pepper or cayenne pepper always tastes great.
Finely cooked turkey roll roast. cut open ready for the plate.
Finely cooked turkey roll roast, sliced ready for the plate. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

2. Matching Side Dishes for Roasting Poultry

The practical thing about this dish is that you prepare the vegetable side dishes directly with the roast, in the large roaster or on the baking tray. Of course, you can also prepare other side dishes: A mashed potatoes or fried Brussels sprouts taste great. The following table will help you to choose vegetables and side dishes according to country cuisine:
Germanpotatoes, carrots, parsley root, parsnips, soup vegetables
Mediterraneanzucchini, eggplant, paprika, fennel, olives, capers
Austrianpotatoes, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms
Americanpumpkin, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes

3. Prepare Roast Turkey by Season

If you are interested in seasonal cuisine, I can recommend my seasonal calendar for vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. In the case of roll roast, here are my recommendations according to season and holidays:
SeasonSide DishesSauce
Spring / Easternasparagus green or white, courgette, green beans, potatoeslight white wine sauce
Summer / Garden PartyEXTRA from the oven: baked potatoes, EXTRA : fresh from the grill corn on the cob, peppers, courgettesgrill sauces see recipes Thomas Sixt
Autumn / Thanksgivingmushrooms, carrots, pumpkin, turnips, potatoesbrown sauce with a light red wine
Winter / Christmaschestnuts, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, cranberriesdark sauce with a heavy red wine and dark chocolate to taste

4. Prepare Roast Turkey in the Oven

Here we go… First the oven! Since turkey meat is rather lean meat, I preheat the oven at 220°C first.
Cooking time turkey roast: 170°C approx. 1.5 hours

4.1 Turkey Roast with powerful, dark Sauce

Turkey roll roast with dark sauce
Roast turkey with a dark sauce for the cold season.
Turkey roast with a dark sauce for the cold season. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer In the cold seasons I season roasts with salt, pepper, paprika/cayenne pepper and a little sugar. I add fresh oranges and onions before cooking in the oven. At Christmas time I also like to use the typical Christmas spices: Cardamom, cinnamon, gingerbread spice, orange peel. After the baking phase, I add red wine and a veal stock to the roast. I also grate dark chocolate in my sauce. This gives me a powerful sauce.

4.2 Turkey Roast with White Wine Sauce or White Wine Stock

Turkey roll roast in a summery version
Turkey roll roast in the light summer version in the roaster.
Turkey roll roast in the light summer variant in the roaster. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer In the light season I season the roast with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and lots of fresh herbs. Shallots and a little fresh garlic give a deep taste when sizzling in the oven. After the cooking I extinguish the roast with white wine and chicken broth. So I get a light, light and fine sauce. As herbs I like to use: parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, lovage. I cut these into small pieces beforehand.
Aromatic ingredients to cook with in the oven: onions or shallots, garlic clove halved, olive oil, butter, bay leaf.

4.3 Prepare Roast

It’s as simple as that… here are the steps for you in a nutshell:
Turkey roll roast with lots of vegetables
Sliced turkey roll roast with a rich vegetable garnish.
Sliced turkey roll roast with a rich vegetable garnish. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

5. Here is the Recipe

You’ve read this far? That’s great! Then you are perfectly prepared to put this dish safely on your plate. I wish you good luck and a lot of fun cooking. I am looking forward to comments and success messages.

Roast Turkey with Oven Vegetables

Roll roast turkey from the oven, crispy prepared with vegetables and herbs. A recipe by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 732
Total Time 60 Min.
Turkey roll roast in the oven prepare made easy. This recipe will show you variations for fantastic turkey oven dishes. Plenty of vegetables are provided and preparation is child’s play. Good luck!

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Roast Turkey
turkey roast recipe, turkey roast cut open and served on the plate

Preparation Time

20 Min.

Cook Time

40 Min.


1 pc roll turkey roast (I like best to buy the turkey roll roast unmarinated!)
5 pc Potatoes
2 pc carrots
4 pc shallots
2 pc cloves of garlic
4 tbs oliv oil
500 g butter
1 bunch parsley fresh
3 twigs Thyme fresh
2 twigs rosemary fresh
1 leaf Bay leaf
fresh dill or parsley
Cayenne pepper
black pepper grounded
100 ml dry white wine
150 ml chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
50 ml Cream
1-2 tsp starch (potoato or maize starch)
4 tbs Water


Preheat oven to 220° C hot air. Prepare a baking tray or a roaster for the turkey roll roast with baking oven vegetables, drizzle with a little olive oil.

Finely chop herbs such as parsley, thyme and rosemary. Of rosemary and thyme use only the needles and tips.

Season the unmarinated rolled roast with salt, pepper, paprika or cayenne pepper. Rub with a little oil and massage in the spices plus the finely chopped herbs.

Peel, clean and chop all the vegetables:
Cut potatoes into quarters, shallots roughly into quarters or halves, carrots into slices, peeled garlic cloves into halves.

Place the rolled roast in the roaster together with the potatoes and vegetables plus the bay leaf and butter. Season everything again with salt, pepper, paprika/Cayenne pepper, spread with olive oil. Add approx. 50 ml broth on the side. Put everything in the oven.

After about 30 minutes cooking time add some white wine. Adjust the temperature according to the size of the roast turkey. At the beginning 220° C then 170° C.

Check the cooking degree! After the cooking time, remove the roaster from the oven. Remove the roast and vegetables separately and prepare them. Bring the broth to the boil with some more broth, white wine and cream. Bind with 1-2 tsp. starch (mix with 4 tbsp. cold water in a cup or small bowl). Season the sauce with salt and pepper.

Preheat the plates. Put some sauce on the plate as a mirror. Cut the turkey meat into thick slices. Arrange the oven vegetables. Enjoy your meal!

6. Calories and Nutritional Values at a Glance

7. More Ideas for tasty Turkey Meat Dishes

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