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pancakes with berries or another variant in the recipe

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Pancakes recipe should leave no open questions and give you as many ideas as possible.

Pancakes are the delicious and at best fluffy pancakes we know from American cuisine.

The direct relationship to our local pancakes cannot be denied. What is the difference?

While “Palatschinken”, as the pancakes are called in Austria, are rather flat journeymen, pancakes should definitely rise when baked and gain in volume.

Below you will find lots of ideas for pancake variations. In the pancakes video you can watch me baking pancakes. 

I wish you good luck!

1. Pancakes American Recipe

Does the real American recipe for pancakes even exist? Opinions differ here: The ingredients flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, milk and oil can be found in many international recipes. Here I address the Bohemian Liwanzen or Livanzen, I know this fasting food from my grandmother. The Bohemian variant of pancakes was originally prepared with yeast, later also with baking powder.

The Pancake is related to Blini & Liwanzen!

In my opinion, yeast is still the better alternative to baking powder. The air bubbles in the dough spread better, and the dough also acquires a fine aroma. If the dough is prepared with yeast, it must be left in a warm place for about 30 minutes. If you want to try it, leave out the baking powder in the recipe below and add about 1 tbsp dry yeast, the milk should be warmed lukewarm during this preparation.

What’s American about the pancake? Pancakes have established themselves in the USA as breakfast. The salty-sweet combination is well known, very often sweet pancakes (dough) are combined with bacon and fried eggs. The classic is pancake with maple syrup. Sour cream topping – sour cream mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon or honey and jam – is also served with the pancakes.

The original Pancake is simple in its recipe, without lemon peel and vanilla sugar!

2. Pancakes – please a simple Recipe

The simplest recipe for pancakes: Pour all ingredients into a tall cup and mix with a blender. Heat the pan, add a little oil, bake small pancakes with a diameter of about 15 cm on both sides and serve quickly. Anyone who has a whisk attachment for the blender can use this. The dough must definitely be viscous, so do not put too much in the pan at once but proceed slowly, as the dough always runs a little apart.

3. A healthy Recipe for Pancakes

Can pancakes also be healthy? Many people do not tolerate wheat, so it is a good idea to prepare the pancakes with a substitute flour. Gluten-free flour is just as suitable as buckwheat flour or rice flour. Cow’s milk can be replaced by soy milk or buttermilk, and lactose-free milk products are also available. Nevertheless, the pancake remains a calorie bomb, even if refined white sugar is exchanged for brown cane sugar or honey.

Pancakes can be prepared with rice flour, buckwheat flour or gluten-free flour!

Below are some ideas and an overview for pancakes in different variations. This is sure to bring a lot of variety into your kitchen.

pancakes recipe with a lot of variants and ideas

Pancakes kannst Du abwechslungsreich und in verschiedenen Varianten servieren, probiere die Ideen einfach aus!

4. Pancakes with Sourcream – Topping

Stir in a cup of sour cream with 2 tablespoons lemon juice to taste with cinnamon or a pinch of nutmeg and serve with the freshly baked pancakes.

5. Pancakes with Créme Fraîche

Season two cups of Créme Fraîche with 2 tbsp lemon juice, fold in 1 tbsp vanilla sugar and serve with the pancakes.

6. Pancakes with Jam

Spread the baked pancakes with orange jam, rose hip jam or other flavours to taste.

7. Pancakes with Marzipan and Chocolate

Cover the pancakes thinly with marzipan and pour melted chocolate over them.

8. Pancakes with Nutella

Brush the baked lukewarm pancakes with Nutella and decorate with a butterflake on top. Mhh this tastes especially delicious when butter mixes with Nutella on the warm pancake.

9. Pancakes with Berries

Bring the frozen berries to the boil in foamed butter and 1 tablespoon sugar and place on the pancakes. Also delicious in combination with Sourcream and Créme Fraîche.

10. Pancakes with caramelized Banana

Turn banana slices or halved mini bananas in sugar and caramelise briefly in a hot pan. Serve with the pancakes. Serve with Sourcream and Créme Fraîche.

11. Pancakes with glazed Apple Slices

Glaze apple slices in a little hot butter and sugar, deglaze with lemon juice. Arrange the glazed apple slices on the pancakes and serve with sour cream and créme fraîche.

12. Pancakes with Orange fillets

Prepare orange fillets from two pieces of oranges and provide extra. Flavour the orange juice with a tablespoon of sugar and 4 cl Grand Marnier and reduce by 1/3. Dip the freshly prepared pancakes briefly into the orange juice and place on the plates. Pour the orange fillets into the juice, then arrange on the pancakes with sour cream and créme fraîche.

13. Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Place a thin piece of butter on the freshly baked pancakes and pour maple syrup over it.

14. Pancake with Bacon and fried Egg

First fry 4-6 slices of bacon until crispy and keep warm. Prepare a fresh hollandaise or use a good finished product and keep warm. Prepare the pancakes, then fry the fried eggs slowly. Arrange the pancakes centrally on warm plates, place a tablespoon of hollandaise on the pancakes, place the bacon slices on the pancakes, place another tablespoon of hollandaise on the pancakes, cut out the fried eggs with a round cutter and place on the pancakes. Serve sprinkled with chives rolls.

15. Recipe Pancakes as a Basic Recipe and a Video

Pancakes recipe as basic recipe with 11 variations

Pancake’s basic recipe, with a total of 11 variations and ideas for preparation in the article.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 971
Total Time 38 Min.

Pancakes recipe, how to prepare delicious pancakes in different variations I show you in this article step by step. In addition to the American version of the egg pancakes, I also introduce Liwanzen and Blini and give you many ideas for a great dessert with pancakes.

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pancakes with berries or another variant in the recipe

Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

25 Min.


Basic recipe for pancakes

2 pc eggs (I try bio Eggs)
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
2 pinches Salt
1-2 tbsp brown cane sugar (powdered sugar, I like brown sugar or honey)
250 ml Milk (cow’s milk, I love to take soya milk or rice milk)
150-180 g freshly sieved flour (wheat flour, gluten-free flour or buckwheat flour)
1-2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tbsp Sunflower oil

Pancakes with chocolate and marzipan

25 g marzipan
80 g dark chocolate

Pancakes with berries

80 g Raspberries (fresh or frozen) (or mixed berry fruits)

Pancakes mit Orangenfilets

1 pc Orange (I like to cut orange fillets)
20 g butter
1 tsp Grand Marnier (As a substitute with cognac, flambé also possible!)

Pancakes with Créme Fraîche

1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp vanilla sugar
4 tbsp Créme Fraîche

Pancakes decoration in general:

2 tbsp roasted almond sticks (or roasted almond leaves)
10 g powdered sugar
1 tbsp Pistachios chopped


Beat the eggs in a bowl, add the vanilla sugar, salt and sugar and mix well. Add the milk and stir again, slowly stir in the sieved flour and add the baking powder. The result should be a thick dough.

Let the dough rest for about 10 minutes and in the meantime prepare the desired variations of the ingredients.

Fry small pancakes in a heated pan with the sunflower oil and arrange on plates, serve with the desired ingredients. Bon appetit!

Tip for pancake preparation:

Note the heat of the pan, medium heat level is very good so that the pancakes also cook through.

The addition of baking powder and baking soda is not absolutely necessary, baking powder is sufficient.

16. Calories (kcal) Pancakes, the nutritional values at a glance

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