Recipe Octopus, Calamari fritti in my Way, fried in Batter with Olive Oil Potato Salad

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My Calamari Fritti Recipe I show you today, there is now octopus delicious step by step to prepare yourself. I use mini octopus for Calamari fritti, always buy them frozen, then let them thaw slowly in cold water. For frying the calamari there are two variants for me: As a side dish, I prepare an olive oil potato salad, which is very similar to our vinegar-oil potato salad, but is additionally refined with fresh marjoram. When all the ingredients are prepared, this dish is on the table and on the plate in 30 minutes. I took all the pictures this time with the iPhone®. I would be happy if you try this dish and share it with your friends on Facebook.

1. Prepare a delicious Calamari Fritti

As already described in the introduction, the best way to buy frozen mini octopus is to thaw it in plenty of cold water. Defrosting in plenty of cold water takes about 30 minutes. Warm or even hot water is not optimal because the delicate mini octopus quickly loses its quality.
prepare the octopus for fried calamari
After thawing, the mini octopus is placed on a sieve and allowed to drip off first. Mini octopus is optimal for calamari fritti.

2. Make your own Olive Oil Potato Salad

The olive oil potato salad is a simple and fast potato salad. Please cook the potatoes first and then peel them thoroughly. For the potato salad I use shape-retaining, waxy potatoes – also called “fatty” potatoes and potato varieties – or mainly waxy potato varieties such as: Agria, Bamberger Hörnchen, Hansa, Linda, Marabel, Sieglinde, Ditta, Cilena, Nicola, Selma. The floury potatoes are better for mashed potatoes and potato dough.

3. Boil and peel Potatoes

boiled, peeled potatoes for potato salad
Peel potatoes for potato salad, eyes and brown areas are thoroughly removed.

4. Cut Potatoes, season, marinate for Potato Salad

Cut the potatoes into slices, add salt, pepper, sugar, white wine vinegar, olive oil and fresh marjoram.
potatoes-with-herbs-for-herbs potato salad in a bowl
This already looks delicious, the herbs look good and taste great.

5. Add red Onions to the Potato Salad

Since I eat the potato salad right away and would like to have it a little bit resch I add red onions.
potato salad with red onion in a bowl with herbs
Red onions taste delicious in potato salad, please eat immediately, the onion likes to ferment.

6. Hints Potato Salad with Olive Oil and Onions

The potato salad and onion thing can be found in my cookery blog with every potato salad recipe. The potato salad with onions must be eaten immediately. The onion begins to ferment relatively quickly, for onions in potato salad there are only three variants:

7. Prepare Calamari Fritti

The thawed mini octopuses have dripped off nicely in the meantime. I put some flour in a bowl and put the octopuses in the flour. Don’t be afraid, I cheated some more shrimps!

8. Turn Octopus before frying or roasting in Flour

octopus in a bowl with flour step by step cooking
Octopus and prawns are turned in flour before frying. The calamari need flour so that the dough sticks well later.

8. Flour Calamari well to bind Moisture

The flour should evenly coat the mini octopus, but please roll it thoroughly in the flour with your hands.
first turn the raw octopus in flour and then dip into the dough. this is the only way for the dough to adhere to the calamari and be easy to deep fry
Turn the octopus in flour
Thoroughly coat the octopus with flour, the flour extracts the moisture and later ensures a crispy coating or sticking of the baking dough.

9. Prepare the Batter for Frying

Now place the floured octopus on an extra plate and add an egg, salt, pepper and some milk to the remaining flour.
ingredients-back pastry-for-shrimp-octopus
The remaining flour is simply used for the baking dough. A creamy, not too thick batter is mixed with a whisk.
batter to deep fry
Baked dough without lumps at best, it's not that easy with gluten-free flour.
At best, the dough should be without lumps, with gluten-free flour it’s not that easy.

10. Fry Calamarian

Next, everything is prepared for frying. Vegetable fat in a wok, flour octopus, pastry.
deep-frying site octopus batter
Prepare everything ready to hand for frying, then the octopus recipe will glide safely! Now either pour the mini octopus directly from the flour into the hot fat or dip it first into the prepared batter. Calamari fritti in two variations!
octopus-flour-in-back pastry-diving step by step cooking
Dip the octopus coated with flour into the batter one by one. Note that each mini octopus is beautifully covered with baking dough. Only then will the calamari fritti become nice and even.
dipping calamari into the dough
The pastry only sticks to the flour, i.e. to the octupus previously turned in flour. This is similar to Wiener Schnitzel! Next, place the mini octopus covered with batter in the hot fat and fry it until golden brown. Finest calamari fritti!
The ideal frying temperature is 160-170°C. Turning in hot fat is necessary to create an even, beautiful, golden-brown and crispy coating. Place the calamari fritti on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 180°C until warm and crispy.
octopus fried its crispy and good fried calamari
After frying, place the baked calamari in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. So you can take care of the side dishes.

11. Finalize Octopus Recipe and Arrange Calamari Fritti, the last Tips

Now taste the olive oil potato salad with salt and pepper and arrange the salad in a bowl. Serve a home made mayonnaise with fried and baked octopus and add lime or lemon. This could look like this:
octopus recipe image for fried calamari
Octopus served with olive oil potato salad, mayonnaise, lemon and salad. I have added some shrimps so that they do not have to remain alone in the freezer.
Calamari fritti are the perfect finger food, here with mayonnaise and radish sprouts.

12. Recipe Calamari Fritti with Olive Oil Potato Salad

After the step by step instruction with picture follows now the detail recipe with all quantity information. I wish you all the best!

Calamari Fritti, Recipe for Octopus fried

Simple calamari fritti recipe, deep-fried with flour or in batter, served with an olive oil potato salad with marjoram and onions. A kitchen story with chef tips on octopus preparation, presented by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 1018
Total Time 40 Min.
Calamari fritti, octopus recipe for easy preparation. I show mini octopus coated with flour and fried as well as fried in batter. Calamari fritti prepared my way. A sure-fire guide with chef tips prepared as a kitchen story. Step by step photos of each step. Potato salad with marjoram and olive oil as a tasty side dish to the fried octopus.

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Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

30 Min.


Potato Salad with Olive Oil and Marjoram

350 g Potatoes (raw, peeled)
30-50 ml white wine vinegar
40 ml oliv oil
1 TL Salt
4 pinch Pepper
1 tsp Sugar
some majoram (fresh torn)
1 pc red onion

Calamari Fritti: Octopus fried or deep-fried in Baking Dough

20 pc mini-octopus
100 g Flour
1 pc egg
some Milk
some Salt
some paprika pepper
700 g vegetable fat (for frying)


1 pc Lemon (or lime)
6 tbs Mayonnaise
some Cress (or radish sprouts)
some Mixed leaf salad (to dip)


Wash the potatoes, boil in salted water, peel, slice and marinate with the remaining ingredients. Add the onion cut into strips. Arrange potato salad with olive oil in a bowl.

Defrost mini octopus in cold water, drain on a sieve. Then flour in a bowl. Then store the calamari in between and prepare a batter with the remaining flour by adding egg, spices and milk.

Deep fry the octopus in hot vegetable fat or dip it thoroughly into the batter and then bake it until golden brown. Then bake in the oven at 180°C for 10 minutes until preheated, warm and crispy.

Prepare mayonnaise, leaf salad and decoration, season potato salad again, arrange everything and serve quickly.

13. Calories (kcal) Calamari Fritti with Olive Oil Potato Salad

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