Mussels in White Wine, Recipe with Video, all Tips and Tricks of the Professional Chefs at a Glance

Mussels in white wine are a typical January dish.

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My recipe mussels in white wine makes a wonderful dish. In this article I present to you a comprehensive instruction for the preparation of mussels. Mussels are the first priority. Beside the season I give a lot of tips and tricks for the preparation of the popular shellfish, with photos and with cooking video. The video mussels in white wine prepare accompanies you in your kitchen. Have fun and good luck. I would be happy if you share this article with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest!

1. Mussel Season

Traditional domestic mussels are offered in Germany in the cold season from September to February. Then the mussels are very fleshy and excellent in taste due to the cold water. This only applies to “local” mussels. Due to the different suppliers and worldwide cultivations one gets the mussels today almost the whole year fresh to buy.

2. Cleaning Mussels and general Remarks on cleaning Mussels

Always wash the mussels well, in cold water, then brush them. If necessary, scrape the shells with a knife when limy spots (housings) of sea anemones adhere to the shells. This is especially true for mussels. Remove the threads (beards) while pulling sideways. Wash the mussels several times in alternating fresh, cold water.  
Clean the mussels, please use plenty of cold water.
Fresh mussels smell of sea and algae, please wash several times in running water.

3. How do you recognize good and bad Mussels?

3.1 Mussels Smell Test

Generally note the smell, living, fresh mussels smell of sea and algae. If the mussels smell unpleasant, please be careful and rather buy fresh goods. In general, mussels must be prepared quickly.

3.2 Open Mussels

Put the mussels in cold water, wait a few minutes. You can then sort out wide open mussels or mussels with broken shells. Generally note the smell, living, fresh mussels smell of sea and algae.

3.3 Mussels Knock Test

Slightly opened (1-2 mm) is ok, the mussels should close again when knocked or lying in cold water. It is crucial that the mussel is still alive.

3.4 Closed Mussels after Cooking

Mussels and mussels in general, which are closed after cooking, you leave on the left side, mussels closed after cooking are definitely not in order. Only eat the wide open mussels!

4. Mussels in White Wine Sauce with Garlic

Mussels get along very well with garlic, so it usually goes into the saucepan and is allowed to cuddle with the mussels. The amount of garlic determines whether or not a good mussel preparation will thrive and spoil, so the following applies to garlic: less is more!
Clams or Vongole in white wine with vegetables.
Vongole prepared in white wine Italian style.

5. Mussels in Italian White Wine Sauce

Italian cuisine is known for its excellent mussel dishes, so let’s take a closer look.

5.1 Typical Italian Taste of Mussels

Thank God I have seen through it very quickly, which brings the typical Italian taste to the mussels and now we look at that.

5.1.1 Garlic golden brown

First of all, the garlic is lightly “made” in oil until golden brown, which requires sensitivity because it must not become black and bitter. By the way, it is similar to spaghetti aglio e olio. Although this is wrong in many recipes, it is correct in a different way. In the silver spoon, the Bible of Italian cuisine says, “golden brown”. Of course, this is done in olive oil and although cooking preachers all over the republic write that you shouldn’t fry hot with olive oil, the Italian cook and mum do it at home anyway. Please don’t write any hostile comments about it. I have first-hand information from my wife, who lived in Italy for 15 years.  You can also watch Italian cooking television today and that’s how it’s done.

5.1.2 Prosecco or dry Italian White Wine

The Prosecco still remains – it’s actually more suitable than white wine, as my various experiments have shown. But we don’t want to argue about that, there is also a good dry white wine, who wants to make an impression takes a Lugana Ca dei Frati. Leave the GG copper mine on the wine shelf if you want it to be “italophile” and cook your mussels with Italian grape juice.

6. Mussels in White French Wine

Every now and then it makes sense to think outside the box to see what else there is. I did that and got stuck with Paul Bocuse. What do you learn there? Good cuisine is easy when there is a lot of butter. Where the Italian puts olive oil in, the Frenchman does it with butter. Paul Bocuse’s recipe is:

6.1 Mussels Seafood – Moules à la Marinière

Mussels Seemannsart can be prepared with mussels or clams.
Mussels seaman’s style, here with clams prepared and additionally with tomato cubes decorated.

6.1.1 Ingredients Mussels Seamen’s Species

On 2 kg mussels comes a medium onion and 100 g butter, 100 ml dry white wine, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, 1 pinch white pepper !!! and possibly salt. So no garlic and no oil, the quantity of pepper I think is very small but if Mr. Bocuse says that then it is so.

6.1.2 Preparation Mussels Seamen’s Species

My short version is: The diced onion is sweated with maximum half of the butter for 20 minutes. I think there is a (taste) secret hidden here. Then add the mussels, white wine, part of the parsley and the pepper. The lid is closed tightly (Yes! expressly) and heated up very quickly. The mussels are decanted after a few minutes and the stock is cooked without sand to the sauce and assembled with the remaining butter. These mussels are served with the remaining parsley, the sauce and a delicious baguette. You will find the preparation of the tomato cubes, the peeling and skinning of the tomato in an extra contribution.

7. Mussels with White Wine and Tomatoes

The preparation is very similar and because I don’t want to write 5 recipes with almost the same content I summarize everything here on this page. The mussels in tomato sauce have the same base – onion and garlic – sauté golden brown in olive oil, dry white wine in addition and then tomatoes fresh or from the tin. It goes well with thyme, parsley and basil, not to mention a homemade pesto. With the mussels with tomatoes variant please adjust the acidity with some sugar and then enjoy a really successful mussel dish.

8. Mussels with Curry – Foam

I also came up with something nice and created a recipe for mussels with curry. The Asian mussels are prepared with ginger, garlic, curry and coriander (or parsley). The white wine may not be missing, it gives nevertheless the special flavour – recipe mixed mussels Curry.
mussels with curry asian
Mussels in curry a delicious dish and colorful!

9. Mussels at Lafer, Mälzer, Schuhbeck and Jamie Oliver

I did not find anything “new” among my dear colleagues. Who discovers something special please report, finally I would like to supplement it for the sake of completeness gladly with link. 10.

10. More popular Mussels

10.1 Oysters

Not everyone likes oysters, and this is because this great shell is usually served raw and cold. Freshly opened and served on ice, this mussel is usually eaten with lemon juice, tabasco or just pepper. Oysters can also be cooked, recipes can be found elsewhere. The article Oysters open is in preparation.
Open oysters on ice, ready to serve.
Oysters open on ice. With champagne served a delicacy!

10.2 Scallops

The scallops fit in thematically here, but have a special position as a luxury product. Scallops are available fresh with peel and frozen, already released to buy. I love scallops and will present several more recipes in the future. Scallops are usually fried over high heat in oil or clarified butter. The simplest variant is actually with shallots and garlic, deglazed with white wine. All you need is a fresh beguette and the evening is saved. Here a picture and the scallops starter with asparagus.  
Scallops and green asparagus
Scallops and green asparagus, the white wine is usually there!

10.3 Vongole – Clams

In the second place I would like to have a short look at the clams. They are also known under the name Vongole and anyone who has ever eaten Vongole at the Italian Spagehtti can sing a song about how delicious these mussels taste. Vongole are often very sandy, so please put them in cold water several times and always put them in the fridge.
"Release" Vongole clams after cooking
Trigger the clams after cooking. This is how the popular Vongole come to the table.

11. Cooking Video Mussels in White Wine


12. My Recipe Mussels in White Wine

Mussels in White Wine

Mussels in white wine and vegetable stock Recipe by Thomas Sixt

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 1118
Total Time 40 Min.
Mussels in white wine, a great recipe contribution around the preparation of mussels in general, the proper cleaning and ready to cook preparation of mussels and the mussel season. Mussels are shown in white wine, Italian, French and Asian with curry. Popular mussel species like clams/Vongole, oysters and scallops find a concise explanation. In a cooking video I show the preparation of the mussels in white wine step by step. Prepare your mussels with certainty!

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Mussels in white wine are a typical January dish.

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

25 Min.


1 pc onion
3 pc Potatoes
3 pc carrots
1 pc clove of garlic
50 ml oliv oil
100 ml dry white wine (or Prosecco)
200 ml chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
1 kg Mussels fresh
3 pc spring onions
1 pc red bell pepper (small)
some Lemon zest
some Salt
some pepper black, grounded
some chili dryed


Cut the onion in half, peel and dice finely.

Peel the potatoes and carrots and cut them into thin slices, halve the potatoes beforehand if necessary and quarter them, depending on their size.

Peel and slice the garlic.

Sweat the vegetables in half of the olive oil, deglaze with white wine and broth and cook with lid until al dente.

Wash and clean the mussels and put them in a bowl.

Cut the spring onion into oblique slices, the pepper into strips and the lemon peel finely.

Add the prepared spring onions, peppers and lemon peel to the vegetables.

Then add the prepared mussels and season with pepper and chilli.

Cook the mussels for 8-10 minutes with lid.

Arrange the mussels with the vegetables, mix the mussel stock with the remaining olive oil until foamy and pour into the mussels.

Serve quickly with fresh baguette or other white bread.

13. Nutritional Values Mussels in White Wine

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