Marble Cake

Marble cake recipe picture
Marble cake pieces arranged on a plate.

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Today I present you my marble cake recipe. This is the ideal Sunday cake, it is easy to make and tastes delicious, I promise! Let’s decorate the coffee table with a great homemade cake and delight your loved ones.

I “inherited” the recipe from my grandfather. Grandpa baked the cake regularly, much to the delight of the grandchildren and children.

I wish you a lot of fun while reading now and baking afterwards. If you have any open questions, you can send them to me at the end of the page using the comment function. If you like, share this article with your friends. Thanks and good luck!

Marble cake with glaze
Marble cake with glaze I show you in another post. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Bake a simple marble cake

This cake is all about easy and fast. Since I show more variations elsewhere, more about that later, we can start right here.

You need some ingredients. My secret ingredients are real rum and vanilla aroma. I use these two ingredients in slightly larger quantities than in the usual recipes. First of all my grandpa did it this way, secondly I just taste better. Here at a glance the ingredients for your supermarket rally:

  • Wheat flour or gluten-free flour
  • 6 pieces of eggs
  • 500 g brown sugar
  • 300 g butter
  • vanilla flavour
  • cocoa
  • genuine rum
  • cream

I bake this cake traditionally with bottom and top heat at 170°C, the result is a juicy marble cake!

Baking recommendation by chef Thomas Sixt
Marble cake ingredients
I have already photographed the ingredients for your marble cake. © Thomas Sixt Food Fotograf

2. Cake tins and occasions

You can put this cake on the table in almost any shape, here are some ideas and occasions:

  • Whole, high baking tray – for the colleagues in the office
  • Box shape – a classic for the family party
  • Ring cake mould – suitable for festive occasions
  • Wreath shape – for the Sunday cake
  • Muffin shapes – for pampered guests
  • Round springform pan – birthday cake

The cake always goes, let yourself be inspired. Marble cake muffins with a great topping I show you elsewhere, as well as the marble cake with glaze.

Brush the cake tin well with butter, breadcrumbs also help when falling down later. My cake always comes out of the mould warm, so I had the best results so far.

Baking tip from cook Thomas Sixt
When pouring bread dough into the mold.
I like to line box forms with baking paper. Due to the thickness of the cake and the humidity, the tin tends to stick. How you lay out a box form optimally, I will show you in the post Low Carb bread.

3. Baking impressions

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I will show you some pictures before baking…

Marble cake with powdered sugar
Today, the baked cake is topped with icing sugar, which is called icing sugar in Austria. Before this step you have to bake the cake yourself!
Marble cake cut on cake stand
You can fill your marble cake with more or less dark mass. That is a matter of taste. Instead of cocoa you can also find Nutella or nougat in some recipes. Classic works with dark cocoa! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer.
Butter and sugar for cake batter
The pleasure begins with butter and sugar.
Gradually add the eggs
Work the eggs into the cake batter piece by piece.
Add flour
Work the sifted flour into the dough.
Cake batter on hand mixer
The stirred cake falls off the whisk.
Pastry pastry inserted light dark
Small jump, the remaining step pictures are below. Here darker and lighter dough while filling.

Pay attention to the temperature during baking, too high heat makes the cake dry!

Baking recommendation by chef Thomas Sixt

4. Recipe marble cake

You’ve read this far? That’s great! Then you are perfectly equipped for the bakery.

I wish you good luck and lots of fun nibbling dough 🙂 and look forward to your comments and success stories.

Marble cake

A super quick and easy recipe for classic cakes that are sure to succeed and decorate your coffee table.

Servings 8
Calories 328
Total Time 50 Min.

Marble cake recipe with step by step photos and all the tips for baking it yourself.

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Marble cake recipe picture
Marble cake pieces arranged on a plate.


Preparation Time

20 Min.

Cook Time

30 Min.


300 g butter (I use room temperature butter)
1 tbs breadcrumbs (Do I optionally use for the cake tin)
280 g brown sugar (I use whole cane sugar)
1 tsp vanilla flavour
4 pinches Salt (I use ursalt)
4 cl rum
5 pc eggs
400 g Flour (Wheat flour or gluten-free flour)
4 tsp Baking Powder (Attention: level teaspoon full)
2 tbs Cream
4 tbs Cocoa


2 tbs icing sugar


Marble cake ingredients
I have already clearly photographed the ingredients for your marble cake. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Prepare the ingredients for the cake.

Butter the cake tin
Brush the cake tin with butter.

Preheat oven at 175°C top and bottom heat. Grease the cake tin with enough butter. Optionally line the buttered tin with breadcrumbs.

Mix the butter with sugar
Mix the butter with sugar

Stir the room-warm butter in a bowl for about one minute until smooth, then gradually add the sugar.

stir the eggs one by one into the batter
Whipped open, add the eggs to the dough one at a time and stir.

Beat the eggs, add them one by one to the dough and stir in.

Mix the dough together
Mix all eggs in the batter.

Stir the dough one minute more.

Add flour
Work the sifted flour into the dough.

Add sifted flour and baking powder to the dough.

Mix the dough with the flour
Mix the dough with flour.

Stir in the flour at a low setting.

Finish tearing the dough
Mix the dough, it should tear.

Continue to mix the dough at high speed, it should fall “tearing” back into the bowl when you lift it out. If the dough is too soft, add some flour, if it is too firm, add some cream. If the dough falls from the whisks that have been switched off, the consistency is right.

Fill the light dough into the cake tin
Pour half of the light batter into the cake tin.

Pour half of the dough into the buttered mould.

Refine the light dough with cocoa
Mix the remaining light dough with cocoa.

Add the cocoa to the rest of the light-coloured dough in the bowl. Add cream and rum.

Mix the dark dough
Mix the dark dough with the ingredients.

Mix the dough with a mixer, add the sides of the bowl with a dough spatula.

Pour in the dark dough
Pour the dark dough into the form to make the light dough.

Fill the dark dough into the cake tin with a spoon to make the light-coloured dough.

Pastry pastry inserted light dark
Small jump, the remaining step pictures are below. Here dark and light dough when pouring in.

Mix the two cake doughs spirally with a fork, creating the typical marble cake pattern. Bake the cake for 40-50 minutes on the middle shelf on the oven rack.

Chopsticks test when baking a cake
Check the baked cake with the test stick. If there is no more dough left on the wood, the cake is ready.

Prick the cake with a wooden skewer and check if the cake is ready baked.

Wooden skewer without dough
When is the cake ready? Wooden skewer without dough – the cake is completely baked.

If no more dough sticks to the spit, the cake is ready baked.

Marble cake in the cake pan
The fully baked marble cake in the shape photographed from above © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Take the cake out of the oven in the mould and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Overturn cake
Turn the baked cake onto the desired spot after 10 minutes.

Loosen the ring, remove it and turn the cake over to the desired place. I have provided a shelf. Note: The cake is easier to topple when warm!

Overturned marble cake
Overturned marble cake without glaze and without powdered sugar.

Now let the cake cool down further at room temperature.

Marble cake with powdered sugar
The baked cake is now given icing sugar as a topping, which in Austria is called icing sugar.

Sprinkle the cake with icing sugar before serving.

Marble cake cut on cake stand
You can fill your marble cake with more or less dark mass. Instead of cocoa, Nutella or nougat can also be found in some recipes. Classic goes with cocoa! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer.

Serve the cake or place it on the coffee table.

Marble cake recipe picture
Marble cake pieces arranged on a plate.

Cut the cake fresh and put it on the plates, enjoy!


Breadcrumbs tip:

With the wreath mould, there is no need to put baking paper in the mould. In sultry weather I recommend the use of breadcrumbs in any case.

Sprinkle the breadcrumbs into the buttered form and then tilt the crumbs so that they stick. A crust forms during baking and the cake is easier to turn over!

5. Calories and nutritional values at a glance

6. More ideas for baking cakes

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