Kohlrabi Crisps, crispy and quickly made

Kohlrabi crisps
Kohlrabi Crisps Recipe Pic

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I present the recipe for kohlrabi crisps in this article. Make crisps from the leaves of the kohlrabi plant quickly and deliciously.

Have a healthy snack! Vegetable crisps are just the thing. Prepared with healthy oil instead of chip fat and with lots of vitamins.

With this snack made from kohlrabi leaves, the great news is that the whole plant is used, leaves are not thrown away and wasted.

It’s super great: These green crisps taste delicious! You can enjoy the crispy leaves as they are or use them as a topping, e.g. on the kohlrabi dish, mashed potatoes, salad…

So, now I’d like to show you how it’s done: So get into the kitchen and get to the oven. Good luck!

kale crisps
My recipe for kale crips from the oven with yoghurt dip can be found in another post. © Foodphotographer Thomas Sixt

1. Simply prepare kohlrabi crisps

Kohlrabi used to be available only in late summer and autumn. Nowadays, most plants come from the greenhouse to the supermarket all year round.

In the past, only the tuber of kohlrabi was used. The leaves were waste or rabbit food.

Since we now know that the leaves contain many more vitamins than the kohlrabi tuber, we have expanded the menu.

Season ready-made kohlrabi crisps
Season ready-made kohlrabi crisps with fleur de sel

Preparing kohlrabi crisps is the answer to our questions about a healthier and more contemporary diet.

For the optimal snack for you only need so much: 

You can add a little chilli to your crisps…

2. Recipe Kohlrabicrisps

Kohlrabi Crisps

Delicious kohlrabi leaf crisps as vegetable crisps quickly made by yourself in the oven. Professional instructions for a successful snack by Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Portions
Calories 108
Total Time 40 Min.

Die Herstellung von Kohlrabi Blätter Chips wird in diesem Rezept gezeigt. Knusprig, gesund und lecker, aus dem Backofen!

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Kohlrabi crisps
Kohlrabi Crisps Recipe Pic

Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

8 Min.


Grünkohl Chips

200 g kohlrabi leaves (fresh)
2-3 tbs Rapeseed oil (or oliv oil)
2 pinches Salt
1 pinch Pepper


Kohlrabi Leaves Crisps

Fresh kohlrabi in the basket
Fresh cabbage tubers with greens in the basket

Preheat the oven to 200° C.

Wash and dry the kohlrabi leaves and prepare them.

Kohlrabi leaves
The kohlrabi leaves are removed from the stalk and cut into a size suitable for chips

Remove the stalks from the individual leaves. Cut or pluck the leaves into a comfortable chip size.

Oiled kohlrabi leaves
Kohlrabi leaves marinated in oil

Put the leaf cuttings in a bowl and add 2 tbsp oil. Mix by hand and distribute the oil well over the leaves.

Salt and pepper.

Kohlrabi leaves pieces on the sheet
Oiled kohlrabi leaves pieces ready for baking on the sheet

Spread the prepared leaves well on the baking tray lined with baking paper.

Kohlrabi chips ready on the tray
Kohlrabi chips ready-baked on the tray

Remove the kohlrabi leaf chips from the oven after 8 minutes and leave to cool.

Season the finished kohlrabi chips
Season the finished kohlrabi chips with fleur de sel

Season with pepper and salt in a bowl.


Kohlrabi chips ready on a red plate
Kohlrabi chips ready to eat with fleur de sel on a red plate

Arrange the crisps on a plate.


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