Kale Soup vegetarian, a quick and vitamin-rich Soup

Here you find my recipe Kale Soup vegetarian. My soup is a basic soup with many variations. 

Kale, also called brown cabbage in some German regions, is mainly served in Northern and Central Germany. There, the beautiful green cabbage usually ends up on the plate heavily overcooked with fatty meat and sausages. So far, the traditional way.

I am a friend of the use of regional ingredients, which are prepared according to the modern spirit of the time. I do not want to deprive our cabbage of its vitamins and colour and prefer short cooking times. Optics and taste experience are suddenly sensational and let the vegetables shine in new splendor!

Have fun cooking and combining! Bon appetit!

The kale soup with smoked eel, smoked foam and kale crisps I show you in another post! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer 

1. Kale Soup, the Variants

First the overview for this soup with ideas for variations and soup ingredients…

Variants for preparationBasic supplementInsertTopping
With meatchicken broth, white winechorizo or streaky bacon sautéedleek rings
With fishvegetable broth, white wine, creamsmoked eel or fresh codroasted garlic or chili peppers
Vegetarianvegetable broth, white wine, creampotatoes, beetrootfried onions
Veganvegetable broth, soy creamJerusalem artichokechopped walnut, wholemeal bread croutons

Kale lives up to its name and shines wonderfully green 🙂

2. Kale Soup, the Ingredients at a Glance

For your basic soup as kale soup you definitely need:

  • Fresh kale washed, i.e. the stalk of the leaves removed
  • Soup vegetables cleaned and cut
  • Vegetable broth
  • Dry white wine
  • Cream or soy cream
  • Pepper, salt
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Grated nutmeg
  • Butter or rape oil

For the soup I use potatoes and onions.

Place the cabbage leaves individually on the board and cut out the panicle generously.

3. Kale Soup as Cream Soup

The kale soup is a soup pureed with a hand blender. I will show you the preparation further down with many photos.

I don’t pass through this soup, so the valuable kale fibre is put on the table!

This basic soup is delicious in itself. To make the soup even more exciting, I have prepared a simple soup bowl and a matching decoration. The eye finally eats with!

  • Garnish for the soup, my variant:
    • Potatoes peeled, diced and blanched
    • Onions in strips, caramelized in the pan with sugar
  • Decoration:
    • Radish seedlings
    • Chili Flakes

Mix the curly kale soup with a hand blender and let it stand for another 10 minutes. This way the whole taste comes out well!

4. Recipe Kale Soup vegetarian

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5 from 19 votes
5 from 19 votes
Kale Soup vegetarian
A delicious green soup recipe. Step by step instructions and possible combinations for your personal soup highlight.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Soup
Cuisine: German Recipes
Keyword: Gluten Free Recipes
Servings: 2 Persons
Calories: 601kcal
Author: Thomas Sixt
Kale Soup
  • 300 g kale
  • 1-2 pc onion I like to use shallots.
  • 140 g soup vegetables carrot, celery, leek
  • 1 tbs butter or rape oil
  • 70 ml white wine
  • 300 ml vegetable broth
  • 100 ml cream or soy cream
  • 2 pinches salt
  • 1 pinch pepper
  • 1 pinch Cayenne pepper
  • 1 pinch ground nutmeg
Garnish for the soup
  • 2 pc potatoes medium size!
  • 3 pinches salt
  • 2 pc red onion
  • 2 tbs oliv oil or sunflower oil
  • 1 tbs brown sugar
  • 1 tsp chili flakes
Prepare the potatoes as an insert
  • Peel the potatoes and cut into 1 cm cubes. Blanch the potato cubes in salted water until firm to the bite, drain and prepare for later serving.
Prepare onions as topping
  • Cut 2 red onions into strips. Lightly fry them in a frying pan with oil. Sprinkle the onion strips in the pan with brown sugar and caramelise. Set aside for later serving.
Prepare curly kale soup
  • Peel the onion and cut into strips or cubes. Wash, peel and chop the soup vegetables evenly. Sauté the vegetables in the pot with the butter until colourless for 6-8 minutes. Then deglaze with white wine.
  • Place the washed kale leaves one by one on the board and cut out the panicle generously. Put some leaves aside for kale chips.
  • Add remaining kale to the soup mixture and cook for 1 minute with lid.
  • The kale has now collapsed, add the stock and let the soup base simmer without a lid for about 10 minutes. This way the green colour of the kale is preserved.
  • Mix the curly kale soup with a hand blender, add cream and leave to stand for another 10 minutes. Do not boil the soup any more!
Arrange and serve
  • Warm up the soup plates. Place the soup on the plate and add the potato cubes as garnish.
    Garnish the soup with a topping of caramelized onions and radish seedlings plus chili flakes. Bon appetit!

5. Calories and Nutritional Values

Nutrition Facts
Kale Soup vegetarian
Amount Per Serving
Calories 601 Calories from Fat 288
% Daily Value*
Fat 32g49%
Saturated Fat 19g119%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 8g
Cholesterol 173mg58%
Sodium 1942mg84%
Potassium 1213mg35%
Carbohydrates 45g15%
Fiber 6g25%
Sugar 6g7%
Protein 31g62%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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