Recipe Italian Rice Salad – easy and fast Preparation with many Professional Chef Tips

Recipe Italian Rice Salad - easy and fast Preparation with many Professional Chef Tips

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Today I show you my Italian Rice Salad recipe. Make your family happy and prepare this delicious rice salad!

The self-prepared rice salad keeps loosely two days in the fridge. With me, the salad is usually eaten after a few hours.

Great: The rice salad recipe is simple, sure to succeed and you are ready in less than 30 minutes with the preparation.

The inserted rice salad video accompanies you during the preparation.

I wish you every success, let it taste good!

1. How to prepare simple Rice Salad

The trick with the simple rice salad lies in the selection of the ingredients. Use a large part of vegetables from the glass or from the tin and pimpe additionally with fresh and roasted vegetables like zucchini or aubergine (melanzani). If you want to go really fast, simply replace fresh basil with an Italian frozen herb mixture.

Tip: Simply use the remaining rice from the previous day for rice salad!

2. Rice Salad vegetarian and vegan

I added anchovies to my recipe. The anchovies give an excellent taste in the depth and simply go well with olives and capers. If you want your rice salad to be vegan or vegetarian, just leave the anchovies out. Please forgive me if I don’t write an extra recipe for this – just delete one ingredient and the rice salad is vegan 🙂

Rice salad is healthy!

Personally, I particularly like the rice salad as a snack. The dish is practical, gluten-free, you can increase the amount of vegetables and thus the amount of fibre. I think rice salad is really healthy and would be happy if you try it.

3. Rice Salad with Chicken

You can easily add fried chicken pieces to the Italian rice salad and refine it. At best cut the chicken breast into strips, season with salt, pepper and thyme. Then fry with a little oil in a hot pan and add lukewarm to the rice salad or mix in.

Freshly roasted chicken breast pieces taste better than roast chicken leftovers! The alternative is smoked chicken ham.

4. Rice Salad with Tuna

The Italian rice salad with tuna is even easier. Buy tuna in a tin and carefully remove the tuna pieces from the tin. It’s nicer when the pieces are a little more compact to the rice salad. Finally place the tuna pieces on the rice salad and mix gently.

Tip for tuna: Buy tuna in a tin without oil and pour fresh garlic olive oil over the tuna pieces.

5. Cooking Video Italian Rice Salad

Here my cooking video, I show you the preparation of Italian rice salad step by step.

6. Recipe for Rice Salad

My simple recipe for Italian rice salad, sure to succeed and quick to prepare yourself.

Italian Rice Salad

Recipe Italian rice salad with plenty of vegetables. Recipe with tips from professional chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 469
Total Time 20 Min.
Prepare Italian rice salad quickly and deliciously. My rice salad is sure to succeed and you will learn many tips and tricks for your personal favourite recipe.

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Recipe Italian Rice Salad - easy and fast Preparation with many Professional Chef Tips


Preparation Time

5 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


1/2 pc Zucchini
1/2 pc eggplant
3 tbsp Sunflower oil
6 pc cocktail tomatoes
8 pc black and green olives
4 pc bell peppers (Pepperoni in a glass)
15 pc capers
2 pc anchovies
2 twigs basil fresh
150 g Cooked rice firm to the bite (Cooked rice firm to the bite)
1 cup Peas from the can or TK short steamed (Attention: Deep-frozen peas should be boiled/blanched briefly.)
some Chili
6 tbsp Olive oil
3 tbsp red wine vinegar (or white balsamic vinegar/white wine vinegar)
black pepper


Types of cut zucchini vegetables
You can cut zucchins for vegetables in different ways. With or without cores, in slices, in sticks, in diamonds and in cubes.

For the rice salad, cut the eggplant and zucchini into slices and sauté in a pan or wok with a little sunflower oil.

Prepare tomatoes
Halve the small tomatoes and cut out the stem. Step picture.

Cut the tomatoes in half and prepare them, cut the olives into rings, add the pepperoni and capers to the tomatoes.

Fresh basil
Prepare the basil leaves

Crush the anchovies with a fork and add to the tomatoes together with the chopped basil.

picture of italian rice salad in a bowl
rice salad italian style

Mix the fried courgettes and aubergines with the other prepared ingredients, rice and peas. Season the rice salad with vegetables, salt, pepper, chilli, olive oil and red wine vinegar.


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