Italian Bread Salad

italian bread salad recipe
Bread salad, prepared like in Italy.

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My recipe for Italian Bread Salad is on the programme today and I have come up with something special for you. Simply combine crispy fried bread cubes with blanched beans or asparagus and, if available, with prawns. In the article you will find many tips and ideas for your Italian bread salad. Good luck!

1. Italian Bread Salad

I am thinking of balsamic vinegar on the one hand and pesto with basil on the other. You could combine rocket with bread salad, I make the salad today with green, freshly blanched beans. The bread is fried crispy with thyme and garlic in a mixture of olive oil and butter. For the dressing I use the white balsamic vinegar, the dark vinegar would colour the salad too strongly.
For the bread salad, the bread does not have to be baked by the baker, a good white box bread from the baker facilitates the preparation.
This bread salad is Italian – Mediterranean and ideal when your friends come to visit!

2. Bread Salad with Prawns

You can make my recipe, which you can find below, without shrimp. I really like this salad with prawns. Blanched shrimps can be marinated lukewarm in a salad dressing, fresh, raw shrimps can be fried in a pan at high heat. You can recognise raw shrimps by their grey colour. Please defrost deep-frozen prawns in cold water, take them out of their shells, remove their intestines and then dry them. The high heat is important when frying, use sunflower oil or coconut oil for frying, do not put too many shrimps in the pan at once. The shrimps should really fry and not boil, cooked shrimps get a rubbery consistency and do not taste!
fried prawns with parsley and lemon juice in a pan
Fry raw prawns at high heat, blanched shrimps rather in a lukewarm marinade, the salad dressing gently warm up.

3. Bread Salad Dressing

Most of the time I prepare a whole glass with salad dressing. This is practical because the dressing is then ready to hand in the refrigerator. You can use a washed-out cucumber jar for dressing mixes: Put 100 ml white wine vinegar or white balsamic vinegar in the glass, half a level teaspoon salt, two teaspoons sugar, some pepper. Shake the glass (closed lid) until all the spices have dissolved, then add 350 ml olive oil and 50 ml water and shake the glass (closed lid) again until a creamy dressing is obtained. This is a simple dressing, you can add finely chopped garlic (1/4 clove) and/or hot Dijon mustard (1 teaspoon) and refine your salad marinade individually.
Prepare the dressing or marinade for the bread salad first.

4. Beans with Bread Salad

My green beans are cooked in boiling salt water until al dente, then put into ice water. This preserves the fresh, green colour. After draining, the beans can already take on flavour with the prepared prawns in the marinade.  You can also use white beans, I advise you not to use canned beans, cook the white beans directly, without soaking, in a delicious vegetable broth.
italy bread salad beans and prawns in vinegar marinade
Shrimps and beans can be marinated a little longer. The bread is only added shortly before serving. It’s called softening protection!

5. Prepare Bread for the Bread Salad

I use a real, fresh box white bread or a gluten-free white bread for my bread salad. The slices of bread are cut neatly and accurately into cubes, then fried in butter and olive oil until crispy. I add fresh or dried thyme and a clove of garlic to add more flavour to the bread cubes. The garlic clove is removed again after frying. The bread cubes tolerate salt and pepper well, you can season the crispy bread cubes strongly, but don’t exaggerate and try in between.

6. Marinate the Bread or fold it in for a short time?

The bread cubes soften relatively quickly in the marinade. Therefore the other ingredients are marinated, the prepared bread cubes are mixed in only at the end, shortly before serving. I always save half of the bread cubes and place them on the salad. The guests or the family should sit at the table when you marinate the salad because the bread salad only really tastes good fresh.

7. Recipe for Italian Bread Salad

My recipe for the bread salad is simple and quick, you can also exchange the beans for asparagus and get a delicious idea for the asparagus salad with bread and prawns.
asparagus green or white bread salad
Green or white asparagus, steamed or fried, can be used instead of beans during the asparagus season. The result is an asparagus bread salad.

Italian Bread Salad

Recipe Italian bread salad with prawns and beans. Make a delicious bread salad with tips from Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 830
Total Time 30 Min.
Italian bread salad with beans and shrimps I show in this post. The simple recipe uses only a few ingredients and you will conjure up a great salad on your plate in a short time. Step by step, the recipe is explained with many tips and you will also be presented with a variant with asparagus.

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italian bread salad recipe
Bread salad, prepared like in Italy.


Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

10 Min.


20 ml white vine vinegar (or white balsamic vinegar)
2 pinch Salt
2 pinch Pepper
5 pinch brown sugar
60 ml Olive oil
10 ml Water
200 g green beans (or asparagus)
200 g white bread
20 g butter
20 g Olive oil
salt, pepper
1 tsp fresh thyme
150 g prawns


Mix vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar until the spices have dissolved. Add olive oil and water slowly and stir vigorously to create a creamy salad dressing. The ingredients can also be shaken one after the other in a glass with a lid.

Cook the beans in boiling salted water until al dente, cool quickly in ice water, drain and place in a bowl. Add the dressing and marinate the beans.

Cut the white bread into cubes and fry in a pan with butter and olive oil until crispy. Season to taste with salt, pepper and thyme.

Prepare the prawns, clean and sauté in a little oil, then add to the beans and dressing and mix.

Half of the bread cubes quickly under the salad lift and arrange, remaining bread cubes in addition put and attractive decorate. Serve quickly!

8. Calories Nutritional Values

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