Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle with Potatoes and Fond, cook like a Star Chef with Video Instructions

Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle with Potatoes and Fond, cook like a Star Chef with Video Instructions

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Today I present to you a great and simple Guinea Fowl recipe. The guinea fowl is in France the preferred chicken on the menus in the star gastronomy. The guinea fowl is a special chicken, its meat offers an intense and aromatic taste. Compared to normal chicken, guinea fowl is a bit like game. At the same time it does not taste like game. The method of preparation was inspired by a visit to Paris, I could not resist the black truffles and simply had to take some with me. In the video “Simply prepare guinea fowl” I show you everything step by step. Please cook the recipe quickly and share it with your friends on Facebook.

1. Guinea Fowl with Truffle

I love the guinea fowl prepared this way. The skin of the guinea fowl breast is removed from the meat with my fingers, between the breast flesh and the skin I then insert finely planed black truffle slices. The guinea fowl is then seasoned with salt and pepper and put into the preheated (230°C) oven at high temperature. After a short time I reduce the temperature, but in the beginning the guinea fowl should get a lot of heat.
Poultry like chicken, quail, pigeon and guinea fowl harmonize perfectly with the black truffle!

2. Guinea Fowl with Herbs and Garlic

Instead of truffles you can also fill the guinea fowl with herbs. Use fresh or dried thyme or rosamary, please cut the herbs finely, so the aromas can spread wonderfully and the herbs can later be eaten on the plate without any problems.

3. Guinea Fowl with Garlic, Lemon and Herbs

This herbal thing can now be extended as you like! Italian herb mixture also deep-frozen, finely chopped garlic, fine lemon grater and rosemary, thyme with garlic and lemon grater, these are variations that go well with guinea fowl and make it really delicious.
recipe: Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle with Potatoes and Fond, cook like a Star Chef with Video Instructions
The guinea fowl with herbs and Mediterranean vegetables. This is easy and quick to do in the oven.

4. Side Dishes with Guinea Fowl

I like the simple kitchen, so I prepare my guinea fowl in the potato stock. The potato cubes are first fried in some butter or clarified butter, then filled with chicken stock and refined with various aromas of garlic, parsley or thyme. If you want to make it even easier, after about 20 minutes cooking time add the potato cubes with a little butter to the roastreindl and the guinea fowl. Leave the potatoes to take a little color and then extinguish the whole with some white wine and chicken broth. Cook the chicken with the side dish in the oven.
Practical and simple: you can prepare truffle chicken and side dishes together in the oven!

5. Video of the Guinea Fowl Recipe

In the video I show in two parts summarized the preparation to my guinea fowl recipe.

6. Guinea Fowl Recipe

With my simple guinea fowl recipe you can conjure up a fantastic dish in less than 15 minutes of preparation time.

Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle, Potatoes and Fond

Guinea fowl truffled with potato stock as a side dish, a detailed recipe by Thomas Sixt with cooking video and step by step instructions.

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 573
Total Time 57 Min.
Guinea fowl recipe with cooking video and step by step instructions. Inspired by the French cuisine I fill my guinea fowl with truffles and serve it in a tasty and light way with potatoes and stock. This article shows the simple preparation of guinea fowl and besides the filling with black truffle several variations with herbs. Good luck!

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Guinea Fowl Recipe with Truffle with Potatoes and Fond, cook like a Star Chef with Video Instructions


Preparation Time

15 Min.

Cook Time

42 Min.


1 pc guinea fowl
2-4 g truffle black fresh (or herbs see article!)
250 g Potatoes
50 g butter
200 ml chicken broth (vegetable broth)
1 pc clove of garlic
some Parsley
pinch Salt
pinch Pepper black, ground


Wash the guinea fowl, pat dry and carefully remove the skin from the breast, forming pockets with your fingers between the breast flesh and the skin.

Cut the truffles into thin slices and strips, fill the truffle pieces into the guinea fowl pockets and distribute evenly. If you don’t get any truffles, please follow the instructions for herbs as a filling. Season the guinea fowl with salt and pepper.

Preheat the oven to about 230 degrees Celsius, add hot air to the guinea fowl, then reduce the temperature to about 190 degrees Celsius.

Cut potatoes into cubes (1cm), then brown lightly in butter. Deglaze with chicken stock and bring to the boil.

To flavour the potatoes, add some garlic and parsley stalks and cook over a moderate heat until al dente.

Finely chop a few parsley leaves, add to the potatoes and bring to the boil again. If necessary, extend the reduced stock with a little chicken stock.

Remove the guinea fowl, cut into pieces and carve. Add the potatoes and stock to the roaster, stir gently and combine the flavours of the gravy with the potato stock. Arrange the potatoes and stock, place the truffled guinea fowl breast on top and serve.

7. Calories (kcal) Guinea Fowl with Potatoes, Fond and Truffle

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