Grilled Chicken

grilled chicken
The grilled chicken pieces are already wonderfully cooked.

Hi, I am a German Chef and Food Photographer. The imparting of cooking knowledge is my great passion. Everyone can cook for himself and with this website I would like to contribute to its success. Cooking questions I answer you gladly at the end of the articles. Have fun and good luck!

Today I show you my grilled chicken. You can prepare the meat in the garden over charcoal or use the pan. Prepared on the garden grill the chicken meat tastes incomparably delicious.

Are you also thinking about your dinner? Today you could combine salad with it or maybe vitamin-saving vegetables from the steamer are more your thing? This dish is an invitation to a quick low carb meal, tastes great! Write us about the comment function at the bottom of the page, the chefs here are very, very curious and want to know what you will put on your plate! I will gladly answer your cooking questions 🙂.

The step by step photos accompany you while cooking in the garden. It’s easy and safe, I promise! Enjoy reading and have fun!

Roast chicken glazed with Red Bull Cola marinade. This chicken is great on the grill or in the oven. Recipe picture by Thomas Sixt
Some time ago I prepared the chicken with Cola Marinade. I will show you the crazy chicken elsewhere! © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Chicken whole or in Chicken pieces?

The garden grill with grill grid is not necessarily optimal for the preparation of whole poultry. A revolving spit would be an option, indirect grilling is definitely the order of the day.

Indirect grilling means: Push the barbecue embers to the side and grill with the lid on. You create an area where there is no glowing coal underneath. The food is cooked from the side and is less exposed to the intense heat. I have made a small sketch for you:

graphic explanation indirect grilling
Indirect grilling simply explained. Grill sketched from above. You need a lid for this method!

I would like to have it practical and faster today and already have my chicken pieces released and prepared. This is much faster and requires less effort. Then there is still time for a campfire. A campfire? Yes, this year I bought a fire bowl and converted it into a grill. First grill with coal, then add wood and enjoy the campfire! Here some impressions…

Marinate the chicken
I marinated the chicken breasts with rosemary, thyme, oil and finely grated lemon peel
marinated chicken on the grill
The breasts are the fine fillets. The embers are gray and therefore it is the perfect time to put them on.
grilled chicken
The grilled chicken pieces are already cooked wonderfully.
Fire bowl for grilling
After the barbecue: My grill is in the cellar, I prefer to use the fire bowl and then enjoy the evening at the campfire!
Grill vegetables
I had made this ratatouille vegetable with it. It tastes delicious! © Thomas Sixt food photographer

If it has to go fast, grill chicken parts in pieces. If your time allows you to grill indirectly in whole!

Tip for preparing chicken on the garden grill by chef Thomas Sixt

2. Recipe Grill Chicken

Here all steps are explained with photos, I wish you good luck!

Grilled Chicken

Preparing poultry on the grill, a low-carb dish, cooked, photographed and written down by professional chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 2 Personen
Calories 83
Total Time 25 Min.

Grill Chicken Step Photo Instructions with grill tips. For whole chicken and parts of chicken. All chef tips in one article.

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grilled chicken
The grilled chicken pieces are already wonderfully cooked.

Preparation Time

10 Min.

Cook Time

15 Min.


2-4 pc Chicken Breast (I buy organic chicken)
1 tbs Olive oil
1 pc Lemon (I use organic lemon)
4 twigs thyme
4 twigs Rosemary
1 pc Garlic clove (I like to use young garlic)
6 pinches Salt
2-4 pinches Pepper
1 tsp brown sugar


glowing, white charcoal, the ideal moment for grilling.
Glowing, white coals are ideal for grilling fish!

Grill Preparation

Preheat the grill, clean the grill with a wire brush and rub with oil.

Pluck the herbs and place them on a pile.
Prepare and pluck herbs.

Plucking herbs

Wash, dry and pluck the rosemary and thyme.

Lemon grate detail picture
For the lemon risotto you need finely grated lemon peel. Use a fine grater. When choosing the lemon, pay attention to organic quality and untreated peel.

Lemon peel

Finely grate the zest of the lemon and add to the herbs.

Herbs finely chopped on kitchen board.
Finely chop the herbs.

Chopping herbs

Finely chop the herbs and lemon peel.

finely diced garlic cloves
Peeled fresh garlic and finely diced the cloves


Peel and finely chop the garlic.

Marinate the chicken
I marinated the chicken breasts with thyme, oil and finely grated lemon zest


Wash the poultry meat under cold running water and dry it. Clean the chicken breasts, cut out the veins and cut the meat into strips. You can remove the skin or leave it on the meat. I bought chicken filets without skin. Marinate the meat with oil, herbs, garlic and lemon peel. Let it mature for 10 minutes.

Marinated chicken on grill

grill meat

Heat the grill grate sufficiently and brush with oil. Place the meat side by side and cook.

grilled chicken
The grilled chicken pieces are already wonderfully cooked.


Turn the chicken pieces once and cook until juicy. Season the meat with salt, pepper and some sugar. Quickly put them on the plate and serve. Bon appetite!

Herb Tip:

You can also use dried herbs or frozen herbs for this dish. 

Meat Tip:

Instead of chicken meat you can also use turkey breast or turkey schnitzel.
You can also cut the meat smaller and put it on skewers. This makes turning easier!


3. Calories and nutritional values

Below you will find calories and nutritional values for the presented dish.

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5. Further Ideas

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