Greek Salad

Recipe picture for greek salad 2018

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My recipe Greek Salad I present to you in this contribution. With this salad almost everyone thinks of onions and olives, sheep cheese and cucumbers in a vinegar salad dressing. I just thought about it and developed a new creation. The wonderful salad is ideal for the guest kitchen or if you simply want to make your loved one a friend. In the article you will find lots of tips from the professional kitchen.

1. Greek Salad 2018 – the salad dressing

It is clear that a Greek salad must contain onions. Today the onions are shallots, I “packed” them into the salad dressing. In the “normal” Greek lettuce the onions usually come cut as strips relatively “loud”… To create a fine dressing, I have refined the dressing with garlic, truffle oil and cream fraiche, as a base balsamic vinegar and Greek olive oil.  Balsamico: Since almost everything good comes from the Greek culture, I assume that already the Romans copied from the Greeks. Surely Aristotle forgot one or two vinegar barrels in the cellar and so the first balsamic vinegar was surely made. If you disagree, please comment at the end of the recipe.
Greek salad 2018 served on the plate.
Greek salad, with a little idea you can turn it into a gourmet salad …
Greek salad, made today with a lot of love…

2.How to prepare Greek salad – what else is Important

I simply refused to put the wonderfully pickled olives in the salad. Such a pickled olive is a pearl of taste. Mixed into the salad it doesn’t taste half as good as served extra. My guests were enchanted by the wonderful taste of Dimitri olives :-)!

3. Sheep Cheese or Goat Cheese for the Greek Salad?

The goat cheese is such a thing – not everyone likes it. So it’s easy for me to organize the best sheep’s cheese at the market and bread it lovingly in breadcrumbs in the kitchen at home. I prefer goat cheese with honey anyway, grilled for a short time and served on a farmer’s bread with blossom honey…. Back to sheep’s cheese: These baked sheep’s cheese cubes are really delicious when you add thyme to the breadcrumbs. You can use fresh thyme or dried thyme. Why does the thyme fit into the greek salad? In ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire, thyme, which is also called quendel, immicinal herb, humility or garden thyme, was already used to treat respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal complaints. Well-known authors such as Theoprast, Dioskorides and the universally scholarly Roman Pliny described the different ways of use and preparation in various ancient writings. Thyme has only been cultivated in German-speaking countries since the 11th century, allegedly wandering monks of the Benedictine order brought the healthy herb from Italy. So, thyme fits perfectly into the Greek salad…and monks also do good…

4. Bread Sheep Cheese Cubes with Breadcrumbs and Thyme

Here are my step by step instructions with photos:
Mix the finest breadcrumbs with thyme.
Mix the finest breadcrumbs with thyme, the breading for my sheep’s cheese cubes …
Mix the finest breadcrumbs with thyme, breadcrumbs for my sheep’s cheese cubes…
Sheep's cheese cubes in a whisked egg
Place cubes of sheep’s cheese with an edge length of approx. 1 cm in the egg.
Place sheep’s cheese cubes of approx. 1 cm edge length in the egg.
Bread sheep's cheese Step 1
Place the sheep’s cheese cubes coated with egg in the thyme breadcrumbs.
Place the egg-covered sheep’s cheese cubes in the thyme breadcrumbs.
Sheep cheese is breaded twice for my Greek salad.
Put the sheep’s cheese cubes back in the egg and then again in the breadcrumbs. This is called double breading!
Bread the sheep’s cheese cubes once again in the egg and coat again with breadcrumbs. This is called breading twice!
baked feta cheese cubes - baked feta cheese
Bake the sheep’s cheese cubes floating in hot rapeseed oil at 160-170 ° C. Then place on a paper towel and season with salt.
Bake the sheep cheese cubes floating in hot rapeseed oil at 160-170°C. Then place on kitchen paper and season with salt.
Sheep cheese salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onions and garlic yogurt
The salad turned out nice, sheep’s cheese with a difference, Greek salad style 2018
The salad has become beautiful, sheep cheese with a difference, Greek salad style 2018

5. Recipe Greek Salad 2018

Recipe Greek Salad

Greek salad with baked sheep’s cheese, cucumber and tomatoes, served with a fine dressing, pine nuts and zaziki…

Servings 2 Persons
Calories 997
Total Time 40 Min.
Greek salad 2018 prepared with love as an extraordinary creation. Step by step instructions for the sheep cheese baked in a thyme coat – breaded sheep cheese. Good luck!

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Recipe picture for greek salad 2018

Preparation Time

20 Min.

Cook Time

20 Min.


Salad dressing Greek salad 2018

1 pc shalott
20 ml balsamic vinegar (I use old, ripe balsamic vinegar.)
30 ml Water
1 slice garlic
3 pinches Salt
6 pinches brown sugar
1 tbs truffle oil
1 tbs Créme Fraîche
70 ml Olive oil

Sheep cheese baked with thyme

200 g Sheep cheese (Original from Greece)
80 g geröstete Semmelbrösel
1 tsp thyme (dried or fresh )
2-3 pc eggs
250 ml Rapsöl

Yoghurt with garlic and lemon zaziki "light

1 cup Joghurt
1 tbs fresh lemon (juice)
2 slices garlic (finely sliced)
Cayenne pepper

Salad and decorations

150 g colorful leaf salads
8 slices cucumber
1 pc tomato
2 tsp pine nuts
15 pc Olives (original from Dimitri)


For the salad dressing, finely dice the shallot and prepare it. Mix the remaining dressing ingredients in a beaker with a hand blender. Stir in the shallots, prepare the dressing.

Cut the sheep’s cheese into 1 cm cubes. Beat the eggs, season with salt and pepper and whisk. Prepare breadcrumbs and thyme. Place the cheese cubes first in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs. Repeat the process and bread the sheep’s cheese cubes twice.

Mix all ingredients for the yoghurt with garlic and lemon Zaziki “light”.

Pluck salad, wash and spin dry, cut tomato and cucumber into bite-sized pieces. Roast the pine nuts briefly in a pan with 1 teaspoon of oil.

Fry the breaded sheep’s cheese cubes in hot rapeseed oil at 160-170°C until crispy, then place them on a kitchen paper and season with salt.

Marinate the leaf salads with the salad dressing and arrange neatly on the plates. Add baked sheep’s cheese cubes, decorate plate with zaziki “light”, salad with tomato, cucumber and serve sprinkled with pine nuts. Serve the olives extra.

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6. Nutritional Values Greek Lettuce 2018

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