Cordon bleu Escalope

Cordon bleu with potato salad and lamb's lettuce

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I’m glad you found my recipe for Cordon Bleu! The Cordon Bleu is a breaded schnitzel filled with cheese and ham.

Traditionally Cordon Bleu is prepared with veal or pork. Guests like the stuffed schnitzel with turkey or chicken.

In Austria the popular dish is known under the name Gordon bleu, another regional name is Zagreb Schnitzel.

This recipe deals extensively with the preparation of cordon bleu including all chef tips.

1. What does Cordon bleu literally mean?

Cordon bleu literally means blue ribbon. The method of preparation is first mentioned in the book “Lucullus zu Escoffier” from 1949. It was not until 1956 that it was mentioned gastronomically in Germany in the book “Die Hotel- und Restaurationsküche”. Cordon bleu became a popular dish in Germany in the 70s.

2. How to cook a Cordon Bleu – the Preparation Step by Step

Schnitzel when filling with cheese and schnitzel, that's how Cordon belu is made!
Schnitzel Beat the veal or pork meat lightly, season with salt and pepper, wrap the cheese in the ham and place on the schnitzel.
Lightly beat the veal or pork escalope, season with salt and pepper, wrap the cheese in the ham and place on top.
Prepare schnitzel when filling with cheese and ham - Gordon bleu
Fold the schnitzel together and fix it with toothpicks.
Fold the schnitzel/escalope together and fix it with toothpicks. Season the stuffed schnitzel with salt and pepper.
Turn cordon bleu raw in flour, this is called flouring!
Turn the prepared, filled schnitzel in flour. It is essential to adhere to the sequence when breading: flour, egg, breadcrumbs … through the flour, the breading sticks to the cordon bleu.
Turn the prepared, stuffed escalope in flour. It is essential to keep to the breading sequence: Flour, egg, breadcrumbs…the flour makes the breadcrumbs stick to the cordon bleu.
Cordon bleu breading done right!
Next, pull the floured cordon bleu through the beaten egg and turn it gently in the breadcrumbs.
Next, pull the flourished cordon bleu through the beaten egg and turn gently in the breadcrumbs.
baked cordon bleu
Next, fry the cordon bleu swimming in hot vegetable fat. I can recommend rapeseed oil as the optimal vegetable fat.
Next, bake the Cordon bleu floating in the hot vegetable fat. As optimal vegetable fat I can recommend rapeseed oil.

3. Which Cheese do you use for Cordon bleu – Tips for the Cordon bleu Filling

You can fill your Cordon bleu with boiled ham and Ementaler, Gouda, Raclette cheese, Appenzeller or Gruyère cheese. Alternatively there is a variant with mozzarella and Parma ham, further a variant with bacon and cheese. Here are the pictures:

Schnitzel cordon bleu with mozzarella, Parma ham and basil
Summery cordon bleu with prama ham, mozzarella and basil. Gourmet use buffalo mozzarella …. for the Italian schnitzel cordon bleu variant.
Summery cordon bleu with Parma ham, mozzarella and basil. Gourmets use buffalo mozzarella…. for the Italian Cordon bleu Schnitzel variant.
Cordon Bleu östrreich style with potato-bird salad and pumpkin seed oil
Cordon bleu schnitzel prepared the Austrian way. The filling with mountain cheese and smoked bacon, as a side dish potato salad with lamb's lettuce …
Cordon bleu Schnitzel prepared the Austrian way. The filling with mountain cheese and smoked bacon, as a side dish potato salad with lamb’s lettuce and pumpkin seed oil…

4. Recipe Cordon bleu

Following my recipe with all quantities for the traditional Cordon bleu. At the end of the recipe you will find tips for the side dishes! I am happy about comments and Facebook Shares… 🙂

Cordon bleu - Escalope

Recipe for traditional cordon bleu – schnitzel, a breaded schnitzel of veal or pork stuffed with cheese and ham.

Servings 4 Persons
Calories 363
Total Time 45 Min.
Cordon bleu preparation shown step by step, variations for the filling, professional tips for breading, side dish ideas for the popular filled schnitzel/escalope.

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Cordon bleu with potato salad and lamb's lettuce


Preparation Time

25 Min.

Cook Time

20 Min.


4 pc Escalopes (Pork or veal)
white pepper
4 slices cooked pork ham (70 g)
4 slices Emmental cheese (60 g)
4 toothpicks
4 tbsp wheat flour
2 pc eggs
4-8 tbsp Semmelbrösel
200 ml Rapeseed oil
30 g butter


PREPARATION: Let the butcher cut the schnitzel thinly from the topside or the back. Butterfly schnitzels from pork loin or veal loin are ideal.

Wash the escalops and dab dry, then unfold and place between cling film. Lightly tap the escalopes and make them available.

PREPARATION: Place the flour, beaten and whisked eggs and breadcrumbs in bowls.

Cover one ham slices with one cheese slices each and fold together. Season the beaten escalopes on both sides with salt and pepper. Place the ham and cheese as well as some plucked basil on one half of the prepared schnitzel and place the second half on top. Fix the filled escalopes with a toothpick.

Next season the stuffed escalopes with salt and pepper, turn in the flour on both sides and pull through the whisked egg. Then turn in the breadcrumbs and press gently until evenly breaded.

Heat a pan and pour in the rapeseed oil. Fry breaded Cordon bleu schnitzel on both sides until golden yellow. Before serving, season with salt, remove toothpick, arrange on preheated plates and serve with lemon and side dishes.

5. Side Dishes Ideas for Cordon bleu

The traditional cordon bleu goes well with parsley potatoes, fried potatoes, potato salad, Viennese potato salad, green salad, cucumber salad, cabbage salad,…

6. Calories and Nutrition Infos Cordon bleu

7. More ideas

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