Coconut Balls, Recipe for homemade Raffaello in three Variations incl. vegan

Coconut balls
Coconut balls on a glass plate

Hi, I am a German Chef and Food Photographer. The imparting of cooking knowledge is my great passion. Everyone can cook for himself and with this website I would like to contribute to its success. Cooking questions I answer you gladly at the end of the articles. Have fun and good luck!

Here I show you my Coconut Balls recipe. The wonderful, white coconut balls taste all year round and delight family members and guests. Since there are already so many round ball recipes, I developed a new creation and added white chocolate for it. The chocolate gives the wonderballs a stunning aroma.
Today you can leave the Belgian chocolate box in the cupboard for a change. 🙂
What is the perfect occasion for the homemade coconut praline? Surprise your guests in the afternoon, or rich white balls as a mini dessert in the evening. With me, the homemade Raffaelo balls are already an Advent and Christmasevergreen and everyone who comes by wants to snack the little “snowballs”. You can find the star variant at the end of the article. Under point 2 there are the tips for the vegan and a further variant without chocolate. The oven stays cold today, please think of the praline cuffs next to the ingredients and let yourself be tempted to bake – without baking!
Rum balls recipe picture
Rum balls coated with cocoa or chocolate.
Rum Balls I show you elsewhere in the cooking blog. © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

1. Making Coconut Balls yourself, the most important Tips

I love these simple chocolates because they are so easy to prepare. To make it 100% sure, here are a few tips to get you in the right mood: So far everything clear? You can always write me a comment at the end of this page, I am happy to help you with words and deeds!

2. Vegan Coconut Balls Variant

The thing with the variants is always such a thing… Leave these ingredients out, add another, who should know more about them? I would like to prepare you a joy, therefore I write you here still two variants of the prescription to it, which succeed surely…

2.1 Vegane Coconut Balls with white and vegan Chocolate

Just get a white, vegan chocolate and use it instead of the standard chocolate. All the ingredients you find in the recipe below stay the same.

2.2 Coconut Balls without Chocolate

Attention now comes a MINI RECIPE: Mix 200 g coconut flakes with 80 g coconut oil, 90 g grated almonds, 50 g agave syrup and juice + fine abrasion of an organic lemon and a pinch of salt. Mix the coconut mixture quickly and chill. Then portion with a mini ice-cream cutter, form round and roll the balls into 3-4 tablespoons of coconut flakes.
Coconut balls in coconut flakes
The white balls rolled in the coconut flakes remind us of small snowballs.
The white balls rolling in the coconut flakes remind us of little snowballs.© Thomas Sixt Food Fotograf

3. Store Coconut Balls

The coconut balls always go into my refrigerator. I like the balls best served cold. Tip: Keep the coconut balls in portions and shapes in the refrigerator and roll them freshly in grated coconut shortly before serving. If you use commercially available coconut fats such as Palmin or Ceres, the balls bring an additional COOL effect to the palate. This is similar to ice confectionery and I would like to explain it briefly because it is a nice example of enjoyment physics.
COOL effect as with ice confection increases the moment of enjoyment…
We know ice confection packed in colourful little hats… the confection is made with unhardened coconut fat and the fat melting point here is approx. 20-23°C. The feeling of coolness arises when the coconut fat melts in the mouth and the energy required for melting, i.e. heat, is withdrawn from the mouth cavity. If the temperature of the tongue surface falls below 24 degrees Celsius, we perceive this as cold.

4. Coconut Balls Recipe

Here we go. Quickly into the kitchen for baking without baking 🙂 wish you good luck!

Coconut Balls

White coconut chocolates similar to Raffaelo in the variants with white chocolate, with vegan chocolate and without chocolate simply and successfully prepare.

Servings 40 Pieces
Calories 518
Total Time 38 Min.
Coconut balls recipe to make yourself. In the variants vegan, with chocolate and without chocolate I show you the preparation with all tips!

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Coconut balls
Coconut balls on a glass plate

Preparation Time

30 Min.

Cook Time

8 Min.


Coconut Mass with Chocolate

250 g white chocolate (grate finely, I use the food processor)
3 tbs starch
1 pinch Salt
5 tbsp white rum
100 g powdered sugar/ iced sugar
180 g soft coconut fat
1-2 tbs coconut flakes (I use it optionally for binding!)


3-5 tbs coconut flakes (to roll around with!)
1 sachets vanilla sugar


Refrigerate a stainless steel mixing bowl.

Grate the white chocolate finely with a food processor and pour into the cold bowl with the remaining ingredients.

Mix the ingredients quickly with the hand mixer.

Refrigerate the coconut mixture and after 15 minutes portion with a small ball cutter.

Mix vanilla sugar with coconut flakes and turn the balls nimbly in it. Place the coconut pralines in praline cuffs and serve quickly. Enjoy!

Raffaelo® is a registered trademark of the confectionery manufacturer Ferrero. This contribution is not an advertisement but should help you to make your own coconut chocolates.

5. Calories and Nutritional Values

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