Recipe Cider Vinegar Drink – Cider Vinegar Honey Drink Breakfast for Better Digestion

Apple cider vinegar drink with honey
Apple cider vinegar drink with honey in the picture. This drink is healthy and helps digestion!

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In this post I present you my recipe Apple Vinegar Drink with honey. Take some time and experience the advantages of a balanced diet. Apple cider vinegar honey drink for breakfast, that sounds like diet and cure. But it gets even better: Apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion and regulates cholesterol levels. You can read about the other, sometimes astonishing effects in this article. I even added on the German page a short video. Just try the vinegar cure for a week, you will feel better for sure… Have fun!

1. Cider Vinegar for Breakfeast?

Cider vinegar as morning drink? Sounds crazy, but it is not. The apple cider vinegar drink in the morning is popular and a sweet-sour stimulant prepared with honey. Simply try it out and observe the effect on your own well-being.
Apple is healthy apple vinegar still healthier
The apple is healthy, who does not like fruit for breakfast, can try it with the apple vinegar drink.

2. Info about Apple Vinegar and Shopping

Apple cider vinegar is made from apple wine. This works as follows: Apple wine is produced by fermentation from freshly pressed apple juice. In the process, hard-working yeasts convert the sugar of the apples into alcohol in the absence of air. Apple cider vinegar is produced when the cider is stored warm and open. The acetic acid bacteria ferment the alcohol with the help of oxygen to acetic acid. This takes a few weeks. Then the naturally cloudy apple vinegar is ready.
Use a naturally cloudy and unpasteurized organic apple vinegar for your apple vinegar drink. Pay attention to the organic quality when buying apple cider vinegar

3. Apple Vinegar and its healthy Secrets

Apple cider vinegar contains the vitamins and minerals of apples, namely beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamins B and C as well as potassium, magnesium, iron and trace elements. The contained enzymes and acids have a positive effect on the organ. Here are some positive aspects of apple vinegar:

4. Recipe

Apple Vinegar Drink Recipe

Recipe cider vinegar drink – cider vinegar honey drink for breakfast for better digestion. Purify and live healthy!

Servings 1 Portions
Calories 26
Total Time 3 Min.
Recipe for my sweet and sour apple vinegar drink for breakfast. Experience the advantages of the apple cider vinegar honey drink in the context of a balanced nutrition. The apple cider vinegar stimulates the digestion and regulates the cholesterol values. You can read about the other amazing effects in this article.

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Apple cider vinegar drink with honey
Apple cider vinegar drink with honey in the picture. This drink is healthy and helps digestion!

Preparation Time

1 Min.

Cook Time

2 Min.


1 tbs cider vinegar (organic apple cider vinegar naturally cloudy)
1 tbs honey
120 ml Water (boiled water 70°C tempered)


Dissolve honey in tempered water, add vinegar and mix.

Enjoy sip by sip.

The apple vinegar drink with honey supports the immune system and digestion. Drink this drink every morning on an empty stomach.

5. Calorie Cider Vinegar Drink with Honey



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