Boeuf Bourguignon, prepare Beef Stew French Style Step by Step

Beef Bourguignon
Boeuf bourguignon recipe picture served with carrots, potatoes and spring onions.

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I serve you my boeuf bourguignon in this post. The beef stew in French style is a classic of fine cuisine. I ate the stew for the first time many years ago in an original version in Paris. Now show you my variant with step by step instructions and cooking video.

My preparation method is influenced by Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Alfons Schuhbeck and Eckart Witzigmann and I have summarized the familiar tips for optimal preparation here.

Please read on and enjoy! Let me show you a wonderful dish, the cooking time is a good 35 minutes, then your stove does the work. The video I have cut together to 8 minutes to give you a quick overview. Wish you good luck!

boeuf a la mode served with garnishes and sauce
Boef fa a mode, this is the name of the Bavarian braised beef with spaetzle and vegetables. A certain relationship to the beef stew is given and the preparation I show you elsewhere. © Thomas Sixt Food Potographer

1. What meat we use for beef bourguignon

The dish is prepared with beef, classically with stew meat, it is goulash meat.

Suitable pieces of meat are:

Beef shovelMacreuse a pot au feu
Parts from the shoulderJumeau a pot au feu
Thick ribPaleron
Thick flankGite a la noix
Leg sliceGite et jarret

In Germany, unfortunately, the goulash meat is usually cut too small. Therefore, it would be better to buy the meat in one piece. So you can cut your meat yourself into cubes of about 5 cm.

Beef sausage is my first choice for this stew!

Meat recommendation from chef Thomas Sixt
Beef shank with bone
Beef leg on the bone, this meat is particularly suitable for braising.

2. What ingredients are typical for the original?

I like to call this dish French beef goulash. While in Germany we “only” add onions, broth and paprika seasoning to the meat stew, in France red wine is added to the preparation. In the original, of course, a Burgundy.

How can you recognize Burgundy wine in the supermarket? Burgundy is round, this applies to the bottle and the matching glasses. The Burgundy wine bottle has a longer neck and the transition to the bottle belly is rounder than the Bordeaux bottle.

The typical ingredients in the overview:

This is not a Julia Child recipe 🙂

Says chef Thomas Sixt
ingredients beef bourguignon
The ingredients at a glance…

3. Chef preparation tips

–> In contrast to the goulash, the meat in the ragout has big pieces.
–> I do not add onion cubes, the gentle aroma comes from whole onions.
–> Instead of adding veal stock, I cook the bone with it.
–> I cook the carrots separately because they become too soft during braising.
–> Roast with tomato paste, which optimizes flavor and color.
–> Bacon and mushrooms I add later, finer taste tuning.
–> The binding of the sauce is done precisely with cornstarch instead of roux.
–> Christmas cooking: add gingerbread spice and dark chocolate.

Photo impressions:

French beef ragout
I got carried away with food styling to dark hues and a farmhouse style plate.
close up beef ragout
The close-up shows the details of this beautiful braised beef dish.

4. Recipe Boeuf bourguignon

Here now the step by step instructions with many photos and video. About the comment function you can send me directly a cooking question!

Boeuf Bourguignon

Prepare beef bourguignon step by step with the professional cooking instructions from chef Thomas Sixt.

Servings 4 Persons
Calories 786
Total Time 215 Min.

Boeuf bourguignon recipe with step by step photos and cooking video tutorial. Prepare French beef stew with Chef Thomas Sixt. All info here!

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Beef Bourguignon
Boeuf bourguignon recipe picture served with carrots, potatoes and spring onions.


Preparation Time

35 Min.

Cook Time

180 Min.


Beef stew base ingredients

1 pc beef on the bone
2 tbs Sunflower oil
2 tbs tomato paste
10 pc shallots
3 pc Garlic clove
5 pc laurel leaves
3 pc cloves
4 pc allspice seeds
0,7 l Burgundy red wine (I like to use a Burgundy <5€ bottle)
0,7 l Beef broth (or water)
1 pc bouquet garni (rosemary, thyme, sage)

Prepare carrots

8-10 pc carrots
30-60 g butter
4-6 pinches Salt
2-4 pinches Pepper
2-4 pinches nutmeg
100 ml Water

Ragout finish ingredients

100-120 g bacon
200-250 g Mushrooms
2-3 tsp Cornstarch (Dissolve in 80 ml of cold water, then there are no lumps!)
2 cl cognac (optional)
50 g butter

Side dishes

3-5 pc Potatoes
1 bunch spring onions


Prepare ingredients and meat

ingredients for beef bourguignon
The ingredients at a glance …

Beize vorbereiten

Provide the ingredients.

Rinderhesse with bone
Beef calf on the bone, the meat of the beef hessian is particularly suitable for braising and is called wadschunken in Austria.

Fleisch beizen

Put the beef knife ready to use. It is important to have a stable base or cutting board and a sharp knife.

Trigger beef hess
Rinderhesse meat and bones

Fleisch vorbereiten

Remove the meat by cutting along the bone.

Cut beef
Stewed meat cut into 5 cm cubes.

Gemüse vorbereiten

Cut the meat into 5 cm cubes.

Ragout preparation

Prepared Ingredients
Prepared carrots, bacon, garlic, shallots

Fleisch braten

Peel the shallots and garlic. Cut a shallot in half and lard with bay leaf and cloves. Cut carrots into pieces and tourned (give shape). Put the carrots in a separate dish. Cut bacon into strips and make ready as well.

Fry the meat
Fry the meat with oil


Brown the meat in a pan over high heat with the sunflower oil.

Caramelize the meat
Caramelize meat by searing it deeply without sugar.


Turn meat over and brown vigorously, we cooks also refer to this as caramelizing, although no sugar is added here.

Ragout meat with garlic and shallots
Add the garlic and shallots

Fleisch entnehmen

Add shallots and garlic.

Add tomato paste to the ragout mixture
Toast the ragout with tomato paste.

Soße passieren

Add tomato paste and roast until dark brown. Deglaze with red wine and broth. Boil roasting substances from the bottom of the pan, put the ragout in a pot, add the bones, add the bouquet garni and simmer gently with a lid on the stove or in the oven at 175°C for one hour.

Roast the mushrooms and bacon
Fry and roast the bacon cubes and small mushrooms.

Soße reduzieren

Fry bacon strips and mushrooms in the pan.

Cool the bacon and mushrooms
Let the bacon and mushrooms cool down.

Beilagen zubereiten

Cool the bacon and mushrooms in the pan.

Side dishes prepare

Prepare the carrots
Tour the carrots and prepare them separately.

Fleisch aufschneiden

Toss carrots in foamed butter, season with salt, pepper, sugar and nutmeg. Add water and cook with lid until well done. Place next to the stove ready to serve.

Potatoes and spring onions
Prepare the side dishes: Cook the potatoes and spring onions.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into quarters and shape them. Then boil in salted water until soft. Cut the light green of the young onions into 3 cm pieces and cook briefly with the potatoes until al dente.

Sauce binding and dressing

Tie sauce
The sauce binding with cornstarch


In the cooled pan, mix cornstarch with cold water.

Sauce with bacon and mushrooms
Pour the sauce over the bacon, mushrooms and starch.

Check the degree of cooking of the meat and continue cooking as needed. Then strain the sauce into the pan through a fine sieve (stainless steel hair sieve). Cut out the meat (technical term, remove from the pot without herbs and additions) and add to the sauce. Bring ragout to a boil in the pan and final taste with butter, salt, pepper and sugar.

Serve the beef ragout
Serve the ragout with vegetables and herbs.

Heat side dishes in butter, arrange ragout with sauce in the middle of warm plates. Add vegetables and decorate with thyme leaves and thyme sprigs. Enjoy your meal!


In the cooking video I show you the preparation in about 8 minutes summarized. You can gently flavor the ragout with gingerbread spice and dark chocolate during the Christmas season!

5. Cooking time tips

My ragout was ready in less than 50 minutes. In fact, most of the information about the braising time of meat does not correspond to reality. The better and more mature the meat, the faster it can be prepared. Meat from young cattle generally cooks faster than meat from older cattle. Therefore, please ask when purchasing, additionally when preparing the meat rather try several times and then adjust the cooking time if necessary.

6. Note on the preparation of ragout with fillet of beef

Please do not braise beef fillet cubes! Prepare the sauce without meat. The basis can be a roasting stock with soup vegetables, tomato paste, veal stock and red wine. Refine the sauce as shown here with mushrooms and bacon and thicken with cornstarch. Later, sear the beef tenderloin cubes vigorously and let them infuse in the sauce to the desired degree of doneness, for example medium, and serve immediately.

A variant of this preparation I show you here at the beef ragout.

Cooking times are always only guidelines, the meat always cooks differently, depending on the breed of cattle, origin and age. Trying is the secret tip!

When is the ragout meat ready tip from Chef Thomas Sixt
beef stew recipe picture, to beef stew cooking recipe by thomas sixt
Beef ragout with short roast meat such as fillet and I show you step by step in another post.

7. Calories and nutritional values

8. More ideas for pot, pan and stove

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