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Pumpkin recipes from German chef Thomas Sixt. Discover here delicious recipes for pumpkin. Helloween with Pumpkin is great!

Pumpkin recipes and a little story… The pumpkin is botanically called Cucurbita maxima and is called in natural medicine as a diet food for kidney patients.

Chef Recipes for Pumpkin

With us the pumpkin is almost forgotten, our grandmothers knew still recipes for pumpkin in 100 variants.

Since chefs such as Schuhbeck, Witzigmann and Haas presented the pumpkin in star gastronomy, it has celebrated a really buxom comeback in cooking magazines and on cooking television.

The pumpkin is healthy, it is degreased and tightly poisoned, it is usually cheaper than the many exotic fruits and vegetables that are offered to us today in the supermarket.

The “big yellow hundredweight” is even sold to us today in small slices and is therefore often cooked privately.

Pumpkin History

Pumpkin was discovered by Columbus among the Indians, the seeds they brought with them soon made the thick balls roll all over the world.

Pumpkin Ingredients

The pumpkin contains many vitamins and minerals:

  • beta-carotene
  • vitamin E
  • Four B vitamins
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • phosphor
  • silicic acid

The pumpkin has a favourable sodium-potassium ratio.

Pumpkin Health Effect

The pumpkin is healthy, as the following list shows:

  • The pumpkin has been recommended as a diuretic since the Middle Ages.
  • The pumpkin is considered to be low in irritants and is said to help with high blood pressure and heart and kidney diseases.
  • Pumpkin drains mildly, neutralizes excess acid and helps with constipation.

People with a tendency to water retention should experience relief through pumpkin days. A cooked, unsalted porridge made of pumpkin with cream is said to be particularly effective.

Who enjoys the positive effect of the pumpkin rather “soft”, cooks itself in the pumpkin time a fine pumpkin soup.

Supplement the pumpkin soup with freshly roasted pumpkin seeds which help with prostate problems.

Finally, the info:

The pumpkin simply tastes, in this sense, good success! The following pumpkin recipes for the popular vegetable ball!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt.

Pumpkin Recipes for Helloween and the Pumpkin Season