Potato Salad Recipes

When I think of the potato salad, I get into raptures, I remember my grandmother’s potato salad, it was simple and delicious. Admirable how grandma could conjure up an exquisitely tasting, soft potato salad from vinegar essence. Later, during my apprenticeship as a cook, I learned what a star potato salad must taste like. In general, the passion for potato salad begins with the right potato variety. Since I have written something about each recipe, I will not go into more detail here. Then there are the onions. In a good potato salad the onion, whether white, red or yellow, must not be missing. This is the Yin Yang of the potato salad: onion Yin – potato Yang, only together the taste experience is perfect. Of course, there are exceptions, but as always, these only confirm the rule. Potato salad is available in many variations, I am happy if you cook the recipes, I wish you a lot of fun now! Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt┬á

Potato Salad Recipe with Lamb’s Lettuce and Pumpkin Seed Oil, served with Porcini Mushrooms in Crispy Strudel Dough, a Starter for Connoisseurs

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A great Austrian starter with Styrian potato salad I show you today in this article. I prepare the traditional potato and bog salad with pumpkin seed oil, accompanied by mushroom pockets made of porcini mushrooms, which I wrap in the strudel dough. This is a great starter for guests and I give tips for the vegan version. I wish you good luck and good appetite!

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Recipes Potato salad from German Chef Thomas Sixt

Potato salad recipes by professional chef Thomas Sixt, discover here delicious and simple potato salad recipes with picture and detailed preparation instructions. Here you will find various potato salad ideas to enrich your diet. Let yourself be inspired and prepare salads like a chef.

Are you looking for the best potato salad recipes to cook yourself? Then you will find here the really good ideas and tips. Your cook coach Thomas Sixt will accompany you while you prepare your potato salad and teach you all the tricks of the trade. The great Kochwiki contributions teach you the most important work steps in a goal-oriented way.

Potato salad cooking instructions

The optimal potato salad instructions first explain to you how to choose the right potato variety. Finally, the right potato is crucial for the success of potato salad. This is followed by structured step-by-step instructions on how to prepare potato salad. Tips and tricks from the professional kitchen and star kitchen complement here your cooking knowledge and ability.

Potato salad with mayonnaise

Various recipes for potato salad with mayonnaise will enrich your menu in the future. Thomas shows you how to make mayonnaise yourself. In addition, he gives you many tips on how to bring the Mayo potato salad tasty and delicious on the table.

Bavarian potato salad

As a real Bavarian Thomas shows you the perfect preparation of potato salad Bavarian. After all, he learned how to cook potato salad from his grandmother. Both the grandma potato salad and the star cook variant he experienced at Alfons Schuhbeck are available for you to cook yourself in the cookery blog.

Potato salad Swabian

Even the recipe of Swabian potato salad will be no secret to you in the future. Since Thomas knows the international cuisine beyond Bavaria, you will surely enjoy the sloppy salad variant from the Swabian region.

Potato salad without mayonnaise

The potato salad with mayonnaise is very rich in calories. If you are looking for a similar taste, the diet yoghurt potato salad is the right choice for you and will make you really happy. Potato salad without mayo tastes excellent and the knowledge about the preparation you will find here in the recipe blog.

Potato salad with broth, vinegar and oil

Even the simplest variant for potato salad, only with vinegar and oil deserves a manual. The right oil and the right vinegar are the final touches and even ascetics want to cook a delicious potato salad.

International Potato Salad Ideas

Discover a Mediterranean potato salad with olive oil and marjoram, a Viennese potato salad with red onions, a potato salad with Dijon mustard – be inspired by new recipe ideas and enjoy your homemade potato salad.