Noodle Salad and Pasta Salad Recipes

A pasta salad always goes. Discover here delicious variations for your party buffet, the barbecue with friends or your birthday dinner with the family. Additionally you will find many tips and good ideas for cooking, serving and bringing along!

Kinder Nudelsalat angerichtet

Good ideas for your next pasta salad can be found here. Barbecue, girls’ evening or men’s evening, it doesn’t matter… it will surely be delicious!  © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Tips from a Chef for a perfect Pasta Salad

Here I have summarized the Top TEN tips for you in the following…

  1. Noodle water for cooking pasta can taste like sea water!
  2. Note the cooking time of the noodles, rather cook a little softer!
  3. Rinse the noodles cold under running water after draining.
  4. Drain the noodles well and dry them with a kitchen paper before mixing.
  5. Dry noodles take on more dressing and taste!
  6. Combine vegetables and other ingredients according to seasonal calendar.
  7. If lettuces appear in the recipe, always fold them in at the end, shortly before serving.
  8. Please do not leave marinated noodle salad in the heat but put it on ice or consume it promptly.
  9. Vegetarian and vegan dressings have proven themselves in recent times for the perfect dinner with friends. That saves discussions.
  10. Meat sausage and ham are ingredients of the past. Best serve animal ingredients separately and think of tofu and co!
    You can conjure up an almost discussion-free experience with this noodle salad.

Noodle Salad is always a good Idea!

Did you know? Besides potato salad, pasta salad is the favourite of the Germans.

The Top 10 Occasions for Pasta Salad are…

  1. picnic
  2. barbecue
  3. girls’ evening
  4. boys’ evening
  5. family afternoon
  6. birthday
  7. children’s birthday party
  8. bicycle tours and other excursions
  9. flying dinner
  10. opening parties

The salad is usually prepared quite quickly and can sometimes wait half an hour or longer in the fridge for the guests.

Noodle Salad Tips for Serving

There are various ideas for serving and arranging…

  • Plates and bowls
  • Folding boxes we know from the Chinese wok
  • Asia spoons and buffet spoons (fingerfood)
  • Small glasses and preserving glasses (flying dinner)
  • Washed out and self-adhesive cans (when crockery is scarce)
  • Recycling dishes from palm leaf
  • Fingerfood cardboard shuttle
  • Salad leaves and hollowed cucumber halves
  • Halved and short roasted zucchini halves
  • Hollowed pumpkin (Halloween party)
  • Bamboo bowls
  • Plastic containers when travelling
  • When packing and serving, pay attention to the size of the salad ingredients. Penne and spirali noodles are relatively large and do not fit so well on the Asia spoon.

Piccolini farfalle or small rigate, on the other hand, are the first choice if you want to use vegetables or small glasses for serving.

Which type of Pasta is Ideal for Pasta Salad?

Popular varieties are:

  • Penne and Penne Picolino
  • Farfalle and Picolini Farfalle
  • Spirali which we know in Italy as Fusilli
  • Castellane
  • Gemmelli
  • Rice noodles
  • Glass noodles

Small and short pasta varieties are easier to eat and you can also mix these varieties better with the vegetable ingredients.

Tip: Try gluten-free noodles and noodles based on pea flour or lentil flour.

Long types of pasta require special attention when serving. It is best to roll these noodles up on a fork and arrange the vegetables separately.

Which Dressing goes well with Pasta Salad?

The popular salad goes well with a wide variety of dressings.

  • Pure mayonnaise (rather a nasty memory of the 70s and 80s)
  • Mayonnaise mixed with sour cream or cream fraiche (since 1990)
  • Sour cream and cream fraiche in the same proportion with lemon juice, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper (healthy cuisine since 2000)
  • Soy cream and soy yoghurt (with the beginning of the vegan era)
  • Wild garlic pesto, basil pesto or red tomato pesto (mediterranean)
  • Lemon juice, olive oil and herbs (fitfood idea)
  • Yoghurt dressing with and without garlic (when mother-in-law comes)

Mayonnaise noodle salad has been out of fashion for a long time. Currently, the light and Mediterranean varieties are certainly among the most popular ideas at the buffet.

Other Salad Ideas

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