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Recipes for Main Dishes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt.

Recipes main courses and a short introduction: Especially in daily life a dinner with friends or a meal with the family is a great event.

After all, a good meal brings joie de vivre to the table! The term main course covers a broad field: there are main courses with meat, main courses with fish and vegetarian main courses. Here there is something for every taste and every nutritional wish.

In the last few years I have been working on mindfulness while eating and I put my thoughts into practice in my kitchen.

Be inspired by the following ideas and cook something special for yourself and your loved ones. This is where mindfulness for yourself and your environment begins. I see cooking as a special form of meditation. When I cook, I can completely immerse myself in another world.

This is something really beautiful: Usually classical music accompanies me and I can prepare an exciting and tasty dish in peace and then enjoy it… I wish you a lot of fun while trying and tasting and would be happy if my tips help you with cooking and enjoying. Good luck!

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Main Courses

Main Courses from the German Chef Thomas Sixt

Are you looking for unusual main courses to cook yourself? Then you’ll find great ideas and recipes here. Thomas Sixt accompanies you as your cook coach during the preparation of great main courses with meat. Thomas teaches you the best tricks from star cuisine and top gastronomy. In main courses cookwikis you will be taught the most important steps of the process in a goal-oriented way. Thomas Sixt is a trained cook and has learned and worked with the most famous top chefs of our time. Thomas Sixt has cooked together with 10,000 customers in cooking courses. As a cookbook author and food photographer, good food is his passion. Here you’ll find cooking stories that teach you how to cook yourself with fun.

Quick and easy Main Courses Recipes

Many of the recipes for main courses presented here are prepared in a short time. Some recipes can even be prepared completely in the oven after a short preparation. That’s practical and relieves you of the burden of cooking. Simple main courses are very popular cooking ideas at all.

Simple Cooking Recipes for Main courses and Main Dishes

Simple recipes means with few ingredients, which are easily available, besides the preparation should be comprehensible also for beginners and go simply and easily by the hand. Discover many simple cooking recipes that make cooking easier for you.

Unusual Main Courses from German and Austrian Kitchen

As a professional chef and cooking trainer, Thomas will show you unusual main courses, recipes and preparations that you will like. Learn many tips from the professional kitchen, let you show the work steps optimally. Thomas explains exactly, photos show the most important steps, cooking videos the complete preparation. Learn how chefs arrange food optimally and for the eye, learn how food is presented perfectly for guests.

Main Courses for your Guests

Especially when you have invited guests, you want to bring unusual and ingenious main courses to the table. You will find the corresponding recommendations and tips here in the Thomas Sixt Kochblog. Many good ideas for main courses will bring you to cook yourself and let you shine in the kitchen.