Recipe for grill marinade, so meat is marinated for grill and pan delicious.

Grill Marinades, marinate Meat optimally and marinate for Grilling, Barbecue and for the Pan

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Barbecue marinades for meat from a professional chef. Discover four recipes, clearly arranged marinade ideas with ingenious professional cooking tips for the perfect grill result. Great marinades for beef steaks, pork, veal, lamb steaks and poultry. Now prepare mustard marinade, herb marinade, lime marinade and barbecue marinade yourself. Clear and informative article about grilling and preparing meat. Recipe and info here!

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fondue sauce eight recipes picture

8 Fondue Sauces Recipes based on Mayonnaise also for Raclette!

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WOW! in this recipes article I show you 8 fondue sauces in one go. The basic sauce with homemade mayonnaise is greatly refined in variations. YES! that’s a MEGARECIPE because it’s really fast and you can conjure up magical cold sauces in practically no time. Sauce Mayonnaise, mustard sauce, paprika tomato dip, herb sauce, green sauce, remoulade sauce, tatar sauce, Chantilly sauce. Mayo recipe with video and many tips! This is the dreamlike instruction for your next fondue or raclette sauce orgy.

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recipe picture salad with shrimp avocado

Salad with Prawns with Avocado and Quail Egg, Kitchen Story with Recipe Video and Chef Tips

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Recipe salad with prawns with avocado and quail egg. This is a wonderful and refreshing salad that will give you pleasure. Two videos help you to cook yourself, tips and ideas for salad dressing and exciting taste experience. Good luck!

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Taste Sensation: Grilled Chicken with Red Bull Cola

Taste Sensation: Grilled Chicken with Red Bull Cola

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The Red Bull Cola Chicken and grilled meat marinade from German/Austrian Chef Thomas Sixt. Red Bull cola contains a lot of herbs and gives the chicken marinade a deep taste. You can also use this marinade for chicken wings, chicken breast or turkey meat. Vegetarians test this marinade best with smoked tofu. Great taste, great experience! Have fun!

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