Goulash and Ragout Recipes
from the German Chef Thomas Sixt

This recipe categories page deals with the popular goulash, which is called goulash in English; goulache in French; Italian Spezzationo and Spanish Guisado.

Gulyás, as it is called in Hungary, means “cattle herder”. It is a beef dish originally prepared by livestock farmers in a kettle over a fire.

Gulyás hús on the other hand means goulash meat, from which the Austrian and German name for goulash developed. Those who order Gulyás in Hungary will be served a goulash soup, because in Hungary the hearty dish with beef is called Pörkölt.

Since the ragout is closely related to the goulash, the recipes for the ragout are also listed here. Discover your favourite goulash recipe for the next evening with friends or family. Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt. UPDATE! Here you will find two + one fantastic vegan and vegetarian goulash varieties: Vegetarian goulash – veal cream goulash goes veggie as well as vegan goulash like beef goulash with tasty paprika juice and Potato Goulash hearty and vegetarian

vegetarian goulash with side dishes

Vegetarian Goulash – Veal Cream Goulash goes Veggie 🙂

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Vegetarian or vegan goulash, derived from veal cream goulash. With this goulash you will make big eyes, it looks like veal goulash and tastes like veal goulash without meat. Recipes with many professional chef tips for the best success in your kitchen!

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goulash recipe with video instructions

Making your own goulash, German recipe with chef tips and cooking video, step-by-step pictures

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Goulash recipe prepare step by step with many photos and cooking video. Beef goulash, cooking times, meat selection, proportion of meat and onions, tips for the typical goulash seasoning, ideas for the goulash side dishes. This article makes you a goulash professional and the cooking video helps you to cook yourself.

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venison in pepper cream sauce with chestnuts and broccoli

A Reinterpretation of a classic Dish: Venison in Pepper Cream Sauce

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My recipe for “Venison in pepper cream sauce” isa reinterpretation of a classic dish. find a lot of tips and ideas for this wonderful dish. See instructions for self cooking with cooking video in the article. make a fantastic venison ragout dish with classical site dish.

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Goulash Recipes

Looking for tasty goulash and ragout recipes to cook yourself? Then you’ll find great ideas here. Thomas Sixt accompanies you as a cook coach with the optimal preparation of great goulash and ragout dishes with meat, vegetarian or vegan. Thomas shows you the best tricks from star cuisine and top gastronomy. In the detailed Kochwikis Thomas shows you the most important steps to the perfect goulash dish. Thomas Sixt is a trained cook and has learned and worked with the most famous top chefs of our time. Thomas Sixt has cooked together with 10,000 customers in cooking courses. As a cookbook author and food photographer, good food is his passion. Here you will find cooking stories that will show you how to cook deliciously.

Cook goulash and ragout step by step with How to…..

All presented recipes for goulash and ragout contain a step-by-step guide with photos, mostly also cooking videos.

Goulash and ragout for guests

Especially if you have invited guests, you want to bring a great dish to the table. The ragout and goulash recipes presented by Thomas Sixt are ideal for your invitation. In this cookery blog you will find proven goulash recipes. Good luck.