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Fish Recipes and Seafood Recipes from German Chef Thomas Sixt.

Fish recipes and a little story… In Germany my generation grew up more or less with fish fingers and breaded plaice.

The Schlemmer-Filet à la Bordelaise was already the highlight of the local cuisine. The fish was mostly dry and cooked to death.

Most Germans believe that fish must always be completely cooked. I found the first freshly smoked trout from the smoking oven at the lake exciting. The taste of the warm trout is incredible… later the first fish bulettes haunted me, these are meatballs made of fish with many herbs and spices wonderfully soft and strong in taste.

Then came crispy fried pike-perch and smoked catfish. These were dishes I got to know at Alfons Schuhbeck. I was 16 years old and had big and wide open eyes and was fascinated by the taste of these dishes.

Jürgen Langenbacher cooked the smoked catfish on a fine potato puree with potato chips, a foamed dark butter sauce and blanched strips of leek.

It was a perfect dish: simple, handcrafted fantastically, tastefully intended for the gods.

At that time I was overwhelmed, the speed and rush in a star kitchen is brutal. The output is phenomenal. As a cook, this has shaped me, how I deal with fish, how I prepare fish myself and how I write a recipe.

Try my fish recipes, maybe I will be able to inspire you for the fantastic taste as well. Good success ….  

Here you find all recipes from the Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt 

Recipes for Fish and Seafood

Recipes for Fish and Seafood from German Chef Thomas Sixt

Fish recipes with picture, discover exciting, delicious and simple fish recipes with detailed professional chef instructions. Thomas Sixt shows you the best tips from star chefs and helps you prepare fish.

Prawns fresh on Ice at the market.

Fish and Seafood should always be fresh from the market. Fresh Seafood does not smell.

Fish Recipes Oven

The fish preparation in the oven is practical and popular. After all, the effort is small and yet a great fish dish can be conjured up. You can prepare fish fillets or whole fish in the oven. Notice, please: The oven must always be preheated to ensure that the fish is successful. Great recipes examples of this are fish in the aluminum foil and fish recipe for the oven. In general, these instructions explain the basic preparation, so that you can easily prepare different fish such as gilthead, sea bass, trout or char, depending on availability.

Fish Fillet Recipes

The preparation of fish fillets is practical and simple. You can fry a fish fillet, poach or fry the fish fillet. There is an optimal guide for you for every type of preparation and you will be able to cook with ease. You always prepare fish fillets well, remove the fish bones, so you end up with a perfect dish on the plate.

Simple Fish Recipes

Here in the cookery blog you will find simple fish recipes for every season and every occasion. Something extraordinary pleasing? Try poached cod in chanterelle stock or simply prepare fish in the oven. Both recipes are suitable for beginners and with the video tutorial a surefire guide is available for you. Simple means: few and good ingredients, optimized preparation, practical and quick on the plate.

Popular Fish Recipes

Popular recipes with fish are for example simple salmon noodles, the matjessalat to the new year or to the hangover breakfast, the salmon starter with Rösti when guests come and homemade fish finger food like Calamari fritti.  Then there are the other fish related dishes: Mussels in white wine, mussels with curry, the extremely fine and delicious salad with prawns and scallops on truffled mashed potatoes. Here you will find the real highlights of fish cuisine and can really feast with little effort.

Freshwater Fish – Sea Fish – Seafood – Shellfish and Crustaceans, Interesting facts about Fish Cooking Recipes and Preparation

Frsh Fish at the market.

Fish cooking begins with Fish shopping. Always buy fresh fish: you can recognize fresh fish by red gills, clear eyes, fresh fish does not smell…

The fish cook in the professional kitchen is called Possionier. Special dexterity is required for the preparation of fish. Fish protein begins to coagulate at just over 30 degrees Celsius, i.e. to cook. Fish must therefore always be prepared very gently and carefully, as otherwise the meat will disintegrate and is “at the end” in terms of both appearance and taste.

Fish preparation and fish recipes are a science in their own right, but if you pay attention to a few rules and use approved fish recipes as a guide, almost nothing can go wrong.

When frying fish fillets or whole fish, the pan must not be too hot or too cold. An overheated and smoking pan is the black first step in a fish dish. So heat the pan moderately, pour in a little oil and fry the dry spotted fish fillet with the skin side first, or put in the whole equally dry spotted fish and fry gently. A fish fillet is fried on the skin side for a relatively long time, on the visible upper side the slow cooking of the fish fillet becomes visible through the change of colour. The fish fillet is turned once shortly before serving, so that the fish fillet is cooked to the point and the skin remains crispy. The fish cuisine is by the way a good recipe to lose weight.

When grilling fish, the right temperature is an even greater success factor, depending on the charcoal used and the construction of the grill, temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius can occur. These temperatures are too high for some types of fish, such as plaice or sole, because they cook very quickly. Very often the tender ingredient disintegrates after a few minutes. This requires an indirect method of grilling, which means that the food is cooked on an aluminium foil on the side of the grill. Fish varieties such as salmon can withstand very high temperatures, but here, too, care should be taken. Fish cooking instructions and recipes must take into account the taste of the product and should emphasize the taste, not cover it.

When poaching, the fish fillet is usually placed without skin in a boiling vegetable wine broth, then the cook pulls the pot from the stove. The cooking of the liquid is thus interrupted and the food is slowly cooked below the boiling point. Depending on the size of the piece of fish, this process can go very quickly with small pieces of fish or take a few minutes with larger pieces of fish. Poached fish preparations are often combined with creamy sauces so that the taste of the fish finds support and perfection. A special example of this type of preparation is “Poached halibut on sauerkraut and champagne foam”.

Frying fish fillets and seafood is similar to frying: Please note the temperature of the oil. Due to the protective coating of dough or breadcrumbs, however, the ingredient is usually cooked relatively gently. In addition to the temperature of the oil, the time factor is decisive for deep-frying. Fried fish is also cooked relatively quickly and should not disintegrate but have a firm and then particularly tasty consistency. A recipe with baked oysters is a dish recommended for special occasions and for a buffet.

Adults sometimes have wrong thoughts and ideas about what children like to eat. During our trial cooking sessions, we discovered that children love to eat “fish”, and not just fish fingers. Thus we could notice an extreme interest in cod in the egg crust with potato salad with 5 year old Andreas, furthermore the fish soup with saffron tasted particularly well in particular the 6 year old Marie. Fish is particularly healthy and contains a lot of vitamin E in addition to essential fatty acids.

Fish products should either be frozen or bought absolutely fresh. For freshwater as well as saltwater or sea fish the same freshness characteristics always apply: clear eyes, bright red gills, intact and moist skin or scales, perfect and fresh smell. Only the zander is an exception, its eyes are always cloudy.

The fish recipes on this page invite you to a taste journey: plenty of herbs, exotic aromatics and of course some classics like the trout miller’s wife can be found.

If you have a question about a fish recipe, you can leave a comment directly at the respective recipe.