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Easter culinary, cooking recipes with picture for Easter

Recipes for Easter from chef Thomas Sixt. Recipes for Easter can be found here!

Easter recipes to cook yourself… Celebrate Easter with friends and family. Those who want to spoil their loved ones will find here delicious recipe ideas for the Easter breakfast and the Easter brunch, two Easter menus, asparagus for Easter, traditional Easter meat dishes and a simple Easter cake.

Here you can surprise and pamper your guests. Let yourself be inspired. 

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Recipes for Easter

Simply beautiful dishes to the Easter cook, under this motto stands this side. I wish you much fun and good success with the following recipes ideas…

1. Recipes for your Easter breakfast and Easter Brunch

The Easter Breakfast and the Easter Brunch is a real pleasure! Discover simple recipes for your Easter breakfast. Surprise your loved ones!

2. Recipes for the Easter Soup

Festive soups with herbs are perfect for Easter. A bear’s garlic soup or a wild herb soup is just right. Following my ideas to the Easter soup…

Wild Garlic Soup easy to prepare with Cooking Video, Recipe with Chef Tips for Foam Soup and Cream Soup

The wild garlic soup tastes excellent at Easter! The cooking video helps you to cook yourself. You can serve this soup with a poached egg!

Herb Soup for Spring - Maundy Thursday Soup with fried Egg

Maundy Thursday soup is a herbal soup for spring and Easter. The soup is smashing and, with a little effort, very easy to prepare!

Practical storage of wild garlic pesto in a screw-on jar

Delicious wild garlic pesto tastes delicious with Easter brunch as a spread!

For Easter you can prepare a fine pesto with wild garlic.

Experiment with wild garlic…

Wild garlic bread for Easter…

Spread a slice of fresh farmer’s bread with butter, season with a little salt, sprinkle with finely chopped wild garlic leaves and serve…

3. Recipes for Asparagus at Easter

Easter falls during the asparagus season, so all recipes with asparagus are a good idea. The following asparagus recipes for your Easter table…

4. Vegetarian Easter Menu

The vegetarian Easter menu in three courses… easy to cook yourself and tastes good…

Poached egg with spinach and wild herbs

Poached egg on spinach decorated with wild herbs. Your guests will be amazed!

vegan chocolate mousse served as dessert, decorated with strawberries, pomegranate seeds and mint

Vegan chocolate mousse you can decorate with fresh fruits, that pleases the eye!

5. Easter menu with Meat and Fish

The Easter menu with meat and fish, enjoy it…

6. Lamb Recipes for Easter

The roast lamb is a traditional Easter meal. Following some recipes for lamb and lamb meat…

7. Roast Rabbit 🙁 at Easter

The rabbit roast is another traditional Easter dish. Those who like to stew the Easter bunny will find the right recipe here…

Prepare rabbit roast like a pro. Recipe picture to the article

Rabbit roast is quite popular at Easter.

recipe pic german meatloaf, false rare, stefanie roast, meatloaf in dough

Wrong hare, that’s the name of the German meat loaf, it can be prepared wonderfully with vegan meat loaf!

8. Baking Recipes for Easter

Baking for Easter, that can be an enjoyable thing this year… so I recommend you my fruit tartes with puff pastry!

fruit tarts and a special easter cake, With cooking video!

My Tarte recipe shows many variations and you can choose the fruits according to your own taste.

The tart with puff pastry is a wonderful cake and easy to make!

9. Cupcakes for the Easter Holidays

The sweet little cakes fit wonderfully to the Easter. The Easter bunny likes it colourful and cheerful, so you will find below my recipes for cupcakes as a baking idea for Easter.

Recipes for Easter

Special dishes are eaten before Easter on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. On Maundy Thursday in Bavaria we cook the Maundy Thursday soup as a traditional spring soup.

On Good Friday there is no meat on the table, on this day there is fish. My fish recipes offer you a good selection of delicious fish dishes.

Easter recipes from chef Thomas Sixt. Discover exciting, delicious and simple Easter recipes with picture. Here you will find detailed chef instructions for your Easter cooking event.

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