Filleting Oranges, Step by Step Instructions from a Professional Chef with Cooking Videos

I would like to show you how to fillet oranges here. These instructions will help you to fillet oranges perfectly and safely.

You have probably asked yourself how to get the most beautiful orange fillets in many a salad recipe or fish, poultry and meat dish. Because fresh orange is sometimes the perfect accompaniment and brings a great flavour component to the plate.

Why fillets? The fibrous white on oranges is firm and tough and also slightly bitter. We don’t want that with our lovingly cooked or prepared food!

That’s why I’ve written down how to make the fillets step by step with photos. I also show you the most important tricks in the cooking video.

Enjoy watching and reading and good luck in your kitchen!

1. Filleting oranges photo instructions

Then you and I will see how you can best get the beautiful fruit fillets. In my practice, the following steps have proven successful:

Remove the ends of the orange with a smooth, clean cut.
After cutting off the ends, you can place the orange on the board and then remove the orange skin with the orange white by cutting along the fruit.

Peel the orange with a knife: remove the peel and the white skin by making deft cuts.
Aus der geschälten Orange ohne weiße Haut kannst Du die Orangenfilets ausschneiden. Verwende ein sehr scharfes Messer, halte die geschälte Frucht in der Hand über einer Schüssel, schneide zwischen den weißen Fasern die Filets heraus.

Carefully and slowly cut the fillets out of the fruit all around. The fibres of the orange fruit remain.
Squeeze the remaining fruit without the pulp to obtain orange juice.

Oranges filleted lying in the orange juice. Always squeeze out the juice of the remaining fruit.
Freshly cut orange fillets

2. Peel oranges and fillet oranges cooking videos

For your cooking success, I have even prepared two films for you: Peeling oranges and filleting oranges.

Peel Orange Instruction Video:

Orange filleting instruction video:

Our food does not like tough pieces or bitter parts from the orange peel. Only the fine flesh of the orange goes on our plate!

Recommends Chef Thomas Sixt

3. Recipes with orange fillets

Here you will find recipes that I have already cooked and presented, all of which use orange fillets

Lentil salad with orange fillets
Starter for Christmas with orange fillets
Red wine risotto with pike perch and orange fillets
Red cabbage with orange fillets
Radicchio Salad with orange fillets
Muesli with orange fillets
Lamb’s lettuce with prawns and orange fillets
Roast goose with orange fillets

The fruity play of orange goes well with many dishes and side dishes. Definitely give it a try!

Says chef Thomas Sixt

4. Frequently asked questions about orange fillets

What do I have to bear in mind when filleting oranges?

You need fresh fruit and a sharp knife to cut the orange fillets out of the fruit.

How long can I store orange fillets?

You can store the orange fillets lying in the orange juice and covered in the fridge for up to two days.

Can I heat orange fillets?

The orange fillets are very sensitive, please avoid long cooking, at best only heat briefly or flambé.

What can I use orange fillets for?

You can add the fillets to your breakfast cereal, decorate your dessert with them and the fillets go well with roast duck and goose as well as fish and seafood.

You can send me further questions and comments at the end of this article via the comment function. Just write to me. I look forward to your cooking questions and will be happy to answer them personally!

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