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Grill recipes from chef Thomas Sixt. You can find good grill and barbecue ideas here.

BBQ recipes and grill ideas for your next barbecue… When the sun shines and summer smells, a homemade BBQ brings friends and family together. If you want to spoil your loved ones, you will find delicious ideas here

Here you can surprise and spoil your guests. Let yourself be inspired. 

Find here all Recipes from Bavarian Chef Thomas Sixt

1. BBQ Recipes - grilling like a World Champion...

So that there is no stress, professionals plan the barbecue. A good preparation and the BBQ party will be a real success! Here are some helpful articles…

2. Soups as starter for BBQ - refresh your guests!

Right at the beginning I present you an insider tip for your barbecue: Put yourself in the position of your guests: It has more than +30°C, so it’s hot, sometimes humid, the guests come dressed up to your invitation. The first thing guests need is a cool drink and a cool meal…

That sounds crazy, but it isn’t, there’s nothing better than a cold soup to start your BBQ menu!

Here are two ideas for cold soups in summer. Serve the summer soups at the table or serve the soups in cold cups as a flying dinner to start with. That’s wonderful!

My recommendation: Prepare both soups several hours before grilling, fill into plastic bottles and keep cool. Place in the freezer one hour before the arrival of the guests and serve ice-cold to your BBQ.

3. Dips for Grilling, cold Sauces for your Barbecue, making BBQ sauces yourself

Sauces for BBQ and grilling, your best barbecue sauces you make yourself, the following articles help you step by step.

Barbecue sauces recipe for 5 cold sauces for the next barbecue

Grill sauces for your next barbecue evening, prepare 5 cold BBQ sauces quickly.
Here you will find dips for grilling.

Making Mayonnaise with the Mixer, Recipe with Cooking Video Instructions

Looking for cold sauces to grill? based on mayonnaise I show you gourmet grill sauces with mayonnaise to make yourself.

Mix basil pesto finely - this is how pesto sauce is made

Herb pesto, wild garlic pesto and basil pesto are wonderful companions for barbecuing!

The Best Tip for Barbecuing:

Make sure you prepare your own pesto, pesto goes well with everything and in summer and the basil dip is always a winner with barbecuing!

Homemade cold sauces and barbecue dips make your barbecue a highlight. You can prepare the sauces the day before!

4. Salads for BBQ

Salad to grill – Salad is the most important side dish when grilling, here you will find a nice selection…

5. Potato Salad for Grilling and BBQ

Potato salad is one of the most popular side dishes for grilling. Below you will find recipes for delicious potato salad…

6. Side Dishes for BBQ and Grilling

Side dishes to grill, following some ideas for your grill party…

side dishes for grilling and barbecue

Side dish ideas for grilling:

  • Cooked potatoes in aluminium foil
  • French fries
  • Grilled vegetables: fennel, zucchini, peppers, aubergines
  • Homemade bread, garlic bread and herb bread
  • Fried bread
  • Cooked and then grilled corn on the cob (don’t forget butter)

7. Buy meat for Grilling and BBQ

Meat shopping for grilling: You are standing in the supermarket looking for the right list, you will find it in the following…

Pork Meat for Grilling:

  • Slices of pork neck (fat/direct grill)
  • Slices of pork neck (fat/direct grill)
  • Slices of pork loin (lean/direct grill)
  • Slices of pork fillet (lean/direct grill)
  • Pork knuckle (fat/indirect grill)
  • Suckling pig back

Veal for Grilling:

Slices of veal neck (fat/direct grill)
Slices of saddle of veal (lean/direct grill)
Slices of veal fillet (lean/direct grill)

Lamb Meat for Grilling:

  • Lamb steaks from different pieces of meat
  • Saddle of lamb as a whole

Beef to Grill:

  • Roast beef or saddle of beef
  • fillet of beef
  • beef steaks

Chicken to grill:

  • whole chicken
  • Chicken breast
  • Chicken legs
  • Chicken wings (Chicken Wings)

Poultry to grill:

  • Turkey breast
  • Duck breast – Barbarian duck breast
  • Quail breast and quail legs
  • Pigeon breast and pigeon legs

Sausages for Grilling

White and red bratwursts, Nuremberg bratwursts, poultry bratwursts, Bernese sausages (with cheese), raw sausages and regional sausages are suitable.

Grilled sausages always find fans!

A grill sausage makes all guests happy, even children…

8. Buy Fish and Prawns for the Barbecue

Fish and prawns shopping for grilling: You are standing in the supermarket looking for the right list, which you will find below.

sea bass fresh fish on ice

Fish for Grilling

  • salmon fillet
  • pike-perch fillet
  • Cod fillet or cod fillet
  • Fish as a whole: Trout, char, gilthead…
  • For fish on the whole we recommend to use a grid or you prepare a classic Steckerlfisch!

Prawns for Grilling and BBQ:

Shopping Prawns for the barbecue:

Buy raw, uncooked Prawns.

You can recognize these Prawns by their grey colour.

The bigger the Prawns, the better!

Raw Prawns

9. Vegetarian Grilling - BBQ Tips vor Food without Animal

Vegetarian grilling is contemporary and many people pay attention to the balance, here are some tips for vegetarian grilling and if you expect vegetarian guests…

Grilled vegetables for vegetarians

Vegetarian Grilling BBQ Shopping List

  • soy sausage
  • Vegan Meat
  • Tofu and smoked tofu
  • Extending vegetable side dishes
  • rice salad and pasta salad
  • Homemade dips and cold sauces complete the vegetarian grill offer with salads.

10. Sweets and Desserts for BBQ

Please remember the sweet finish! Even a barbecue needs a good dessert. Here at the end still some dessert recommendations for your grill party…

Recipes for BBQ

Grilling & Chilling, under this motto I present you my grill recipes. Find here good ideas for the next, relaxed Grillevent and use the chef instructions for your grandioses grill party. My recipes will accompany you to the perfect barbecue. The grill recipes show you with maximum efficiency how to conjure up a great culinary experience on the grill.

Grilling like a world champion…

Often enough experienced: The grill master normally stands for hours behind the grill, the chops come along in the marinade of the type “uniform porridge”. Unfortunately, the fish is already cold at the table and the salad has seen better times. The always same sauces from the supermarket are also no longer a highlight, at the same time eating in comfortable company is a rarity, although a new Weber grill decorates the terrace.

Grilling and BBQ with Thomas Sixt

That’s over now! As a cook and nutrition trainer, I have thought about the finest grill recipes for you. In this recipe category I introduce you to great culinary delights and show you all the basics for your successful barbecue. Here you will find the most important tips from the barbecue world champion, ideas for brilliant marinades, salads for grilling, side dishes for grilling, dips for grilling, my shopping lists already support you in the supermarket. Enjoy barbecuing in a different way, a good preparation will lead you to a relaxed barbecue menu.

All grill recipes let even less experienced aspirants look over the grill and grill rookies find new highlights. The step by step grill instructions make a perfect result in the home kitchen and in the garden possible.

All recipes Thomas Sixt…