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Strawberry Cake Recipes

Strawberry cake recipe, in this category all baking recipes for strawberries are summarized. Baking with strawberries made easy… here you will find a great recipe for the strawberry season. Good luck!

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Cakes and tarts turn every Sunday into a party. Discover here simple and quick cake recipes and recipes for wonderful tartes and Pies. Good luck!

All baking recipes by Thomas Sixt

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Bake, bake, cake… this categories page deals with baking. Discover good ideas for your bakery here… © Thomas Sixt Food Photographer

Baking that many people associate with the Sunday cake and with Christmas. The sweet works of art are supposed to be seductive and the crowning glory is when everyone is satisfied. Find something to bake yourself here: Fruity tartes, full-bodied cakes and tarts – these baking recipes will make every adult and child’s heart beat faster.

Baking recipes have sometimes come a long way: France, Spain, Greece, the Orient and the USA send sweet greetings.

The pictures of the baking are an art in themselves – puristic or with a lot of emotion you invite to knead, form, cut and bake yourself.

The patissier, the chef of sweet cuisine, is always challenged anew: Baking by country, by region, a little faster, a little sweeter, especially simple, the list of baking recipes will grow steadily and really please every palate.

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