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Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

Refreshing and Exotic: Crispy Duck with Mango Glass-Noodle Salad

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Great Recipe for Glass Noodels Salat with mango. In the cooking video I show you this fantastic exotic, tasty salad with crispy duck breast. Test this salad also with fried King Prawns or with tofu. best is with smoked tofu…

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Duck Breast Recipe for the Oven - easy and quick great Cooking!

Duck Breast Recipe for the Oven – Easy and Quick Great Cooking!

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Duck breast recipe prepare easily and quickly made. This Barbarie duck breast is prepared with vegetables in the oven and conjured up on the table in less than 40 minutes. A wonderful, simple dish that does little work and tastes really great. The gravy is refined with thyme and gives the dish its final kick. Cook it yourself now – here the instructions…

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Duck Leg Recipe for the Oven, Kitchen Story with Videos

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Recipe for “Roasted duck leg in the oven”! As always there are a lot of detailed cooking tips around the duck leg roast as well as several cooking videos. Here no question should remain open and I am happy if you get your duck legs at home juicy and crispy on the plate. The recipe is simple and the vegetables can be prepared together with the duck legs in the oven…. Recipe for CLEVER PEOPLE 🙂

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roast duck breast in the pan with herbs and garlic

Frying Duck Breast, Step by Step Cooking School and Kitchen Story with Tips

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The roasting of a duck breast is shown step by step in this article with many photos and tips. Who knows my blog and my Youtube videos, knows it long ago: For me there is nothing better than duck. Since my apprenticeship at Alfons Schuhbeck I love duck, prepared in any form. At the Saucier-Posten in the big Alfonskitchen I was allowed to fry ducks every day, to trigger them later and finally to prepare duck sauce. When the ducks are released in the late afternoon, there is always something delicious duck meat left for me. The preparation of a duck breast, at the photo a barbarian duck breast is to be seen, I show in this contribution in detail. Read More

potato pancakes - potato fritter recipe picture

Potato Fritter, Rösti, Potato Pancake, German Reibekuchen Recipe to make by yourself

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Make delicious potato pancakes, German Reibekuchen or potato fritters, Rösti yourself with the professional chef step by step instructions from Thomas Sixt. Many photos and tips, variations of potato pancakes with apple compote, with herb curd, with chives sauce. A delicious vegetarian and vegan dish awaits you and your loved ones!

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Roastbeef Preparing it yourself Recipe Step-by-step instructions with professional chef Tips

Roast Beef

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Roast beef recipe to cook yourself. Informative article shows you all relevant steps of roast beef preparation: meat purchase, marinade, roast beef fast, roast beef low temperature, core temperature table, side dishes and cold sauces. Prepare delicious roast beef here!

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Recipe for grill marinade, so meat is marinated for grill and pan delicious.

Grill Marinades, marinate Meat optimally and marinate for Grilling, Barbecue and for the Pan

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Barbecue marinades for meat from a professional chef. Discover four recipes, clearly arranged marinade ideas with ingenious professional cooking tips for the perfect grill result. Great marinades for beef steaks, pork, veal, lamb steaks and poultry. Now prepare mustard marinade, herb marinade, lime marinade and barbecue marinade yourself. Clear and informative article about grilling and preparing meat. Recipe and info here!

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Carrot soup - carrot cream soup recipe picture

How to prepare Carrot Soup fantastically fine, Recipe with many Tips for Carrot Cream Soup in different Variations

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Recipe for carrot soup, intelligent recipe with basic recipes and variants of the popular carrot cream soup: With cream, with coconut milk, with curry, with ginger, vegan and with orange juice. Detailed description and kitchen story from the professional chef. I show you ingenious soups with carrot.

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recipe for roast pork bavarian style roast pork meat from the pork belly while cutting open ©thomas sixt bavarain chef and food artist

Bavarian Roast Pork with Beer Sauce served with Sauerkraut and Dumplings

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Bavarian roast pork recipe with step by step instructions and many photos. The Bavarian roast pork is explained exactly with its side dishes bread dumplings, potato dumplings and sauerkraut. Prepare your own crusty roast to make a crispy and good crisp. The most extensive pork roast article with recipe by Thomas Sixt, who learned to cook at Alfons Schuhbeck. Good luck and taste the roast!

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Salad with prawns Recipe Picture

Salad with Prawns simply deliciously prepare. Leaf Salad Recipe with fine Dressing and Tips from the Chef

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Salad with prawns fantastically easy to prepare. This recipe shows you step by step how to prepare prawns and salad. After reading it, you will be able to put a great dish on your plate in less than 30 minutes. I wish you all the best!

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